Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs: Five shades of grey and Maybe Baby?

Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs is our resident wedding etiquette expert. It’s nearly impossible to make it through planning without some feathers being ruffled….Have a question about anything planning related? Write in or comment below. 

Miss. B-

We set our date for May of next year. I want a really eclectic look to my wedding party. What are some ways to accomplish this without my five bridesmaids looking tacky or too casual for the occasion? I was thinking about just letting them go out and pick dresses. We are using a light grey color pallate. What re your thoughts? 

Thank you in advance for your help,


Dear 5-Shades-

Kudos to you for stepping outside the box with your bridal fashion. Done correctly, your 5 maids will complete your vision. There are a few things to consider though.

First of all, the theory of letting them go select a dress on their own time is nice. However, in reality-  even 5 pretty grey dresses singly may look terrible as part of a group. They also may not fit your vision and taste preferences. You can still have happy maids even if you help with their dress selections. Why not set up an appointment with your girls at the local bridal shop? You can see, touch and feel the samples. Not only will you have a fun girls day, but you can see how everything will look together.

Another thing to consider is fabric. A mix of chiffon, lace and even some silk inspired fabrics would blend nicely together. Using multiple fabrics will add the texture and dimension to your bridal party that is the foundation of your eclectic vision.

Make sure to actually see the colors before ordering. Even if the shop doesn’t have a full sample to see, they should have a swatch. This way you can ensure that your colors will flow together nicely. Grey’s are a complicated color in terms of variance. You still want a cohesive look to your group.

I’m confident that your eclectic wedding vision will come full circle for you.

Best of luck planning,

Miss. B.

Miss B, I have a dilemma! My maid of honor (who was recently married) is “trying”. I love her very much, but is her maybe baby bump going to cramp my style? What are some ideas and options? Although I couldn’t imagine not having her there, should she step down?



Dear No-Maybe-Baby,

Embrace the bump! Rest assured, baby or not – your maid of honor will be able to look just as gorgeous as the rest of your bridesmaids.

There are so many cute maternity bridesmaids right now. Most designers have an option or two that come in maternity sizing. Many of them are the same exact dress, just cut for baby.


Miss B.


Anniversary Gifts: Traditional v. Modern

Wedding season is upon us, this also means we are in the midst of anniversary season. Maybe you got married recently or you have a friend or family member that is celebrating. What kind of gift do you get that special couple or your better half?

No matter if you are traditional or modern, check out the below ideas before your start your shopping.


Year 1 – The first milestone anniversary! 

Traditional: Paper

Modern: Clock

Year 2- Still so much fun!

Traditional: Cotton

Modern: China

Year 3- The romance and newness might have faded, but 3 is a lucky number!

Traditional: Leather

Modern: Crystal/Glass

Year 4- Almost half a decade!

Traditional: Fruit/Flowers

Modern: Appliances

Year 5- Next year, you will have to use two hands!



Year 10- Second major milestone, a decade of memories!

Traditional: Tin/Aluminium

Modern:  Diamond Jewelry

Year 15- Onto three hands.. 

Traditional: Crystal

Modern: Watches

Year 20- Two complete decades of memories together!

Traditional: China

Modern: Platinum

Year 25- A quarter of a century as a couple!

Traditional: Silver

Modern: Silver

Year 50- Half a century of memories and special times!

Traditional: Gold

Modern: Gold

Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs: The Etiquette Expert

Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs is our resident wedding etiquette expert. It’s nearly impossible to make it through planning without some feathers being ruffled….Have a question about a sticky planning situation? Write in or comment below. 

Miss. B-

We are planning a late Summer wedding. The ceremony and reception will all be held outdoors at my family’s lake cabin.  This has been a dream of mine for a long time. All has gone well with the planning, but I’m starting to get nervous. The weather this year has been so sketchy and we don’t have room to move everyone indoors. I am set on having the wedding at our cabin. Help!?  

– Forever a lake girl

Forever a lake girl,

Sounds like you need a plan B. Although it is hard to realize, you might have to move your wedding to another venue. There are basically two options for you. (A) Select an alternate back up venue (B) Figure out some sort of shelter at your lake cabin.

Have you called around to inquire about having an alternate venue? Maybe a near by church would allow you have the ceremony there. Many smaller towns have community centers or even event centers for rent. You could potentially put a soft hold on a nearby location. If you really are nervous, consider moving the event altogether. Having your wedding at a hotel or conference center ensures the perfect temperature.

Another option you have is to rent a tent or some other portable shelter. Surely a rental company will be able to accommodate something for you. Although this might cost a little more that originally planned for, it might just save your wedding. You and your guests would not enjoy the day if you were soaking wet.

Whatever you decide, make sure to let your guests know far enough in advance. Word of mouth, Facebook and your wedding website are all appropriate ways to communicate your weather backup plan.

Wishing for sunny days,

Miss. B.

Miss B,

My MOL to be is driving me crazy! She has purchased and returned 10 dresses already. I feel as though she is focusing too much on what she will be wearing. I have had enough. Everything she has shown me has been great, I don’t understand why she can’t decide. It’s getting to the point where I just don’t know what to do anymore. How can I help her select a dress and just be done with it already. 



Dear, not-a-stylist

Your frustration is totally understandable. Rest assured though, you are not alone. It is not uncommon for a “Mother of” to have a hard time finding a dress. It should never get to the point where it is causing stress on the bride though. It sounds like you are being supportive of her and helping in the best way you can. You need to continue to support her and just let someone else do the helping.

Planning can be stressful and sometimes people find a channel to focus on or “fuss over”, it sounds like your to be MOL is being this way over her dress. Most likely, it’s not the dress that is the center of this problem. Wedding’s are emotional and she likely just needs to work through it.

Continue to be there for her and once she does select “the one” make sure to support her decision and tell her how beautiful she looks. Your day will be here soon and all weddings carry little planning hiccups along the way.


All will be well soon,

Miss B.


Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs: The Etiquette Expert

Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs is our resident wedding etiquette expert. It’s nearly impossible to make it through planning without some feathers being ruffled….Have a question about a sticky planning situation? Write in or comment below. 

Miss. B-

Our August 23rd wedding is quickly approaching. Although we don’t really have a “theme”, the feel is kind of rustic and vintage. Besides finalizing the little things and actually sending out the invites, all we have left to do is favors. Do we have to have favors? We feel like it’s an unnecessary expense that people throw out anyway. What are your thoughts? What are some ideas that our guests might actually use (that won’t break the bank)

– Un-Favored 

Dear, Un-Favored

First of all, congrats on your super planning. It’s nice you have so much done and you can enjoy our long awaited summer.

Favors are simply a little way of saying “Thank You” to your guests for attending your wedding. They serve as a little reminder of the celebration. Yes, they are necessary. No, they don’t need to break the bank.

Using the feel of your wedding, there are so many different options. Consider some seed packets with a cute note or maybe even a small plant. Another option might be a can koozie. This is something your guests would likely use at your party and at many others. Something new and trending is popcorn or candy bars. Buy in bulk and let guests fill a little take home bag.

All of the above are cost friendly and usable options. Remember, favors are simply a little token for your guests. They are both a “Thank You” and a little way for them to remember your celebration. There is never a good reason you should not provide favors.

Best of luck planning,

Miss. B.

Miss B,

My October wedding is quickly approaching. We have all the attire figured out except the men. We were originally thinking of going without jackets- just shirt, vest, tie, and nice black pants. Now, we have some concerns about everyone matching and if that look is formal enough? Our wedding is in a church and we are having our reception at a local event center.



Dear, Tux-or-not

I completely understand your concern. You are not alone in this predicament. The “vested look” is an ever growing trend these past few years. When appropriate, it looks great. Key word: appropriate.

A simple way to determine what to do is to take a look at the rest of your attire. What does your dress look like? How about the bridesmaids dresses? You said your wedding was in a church and you were having a reception at an event center. My suggestion would be to “honor your dress”.

Unless you are having an outdoor ceremony, getting married in a barn or on a beach- A jacket is usually a must. You put so much time and energy into planning and looking perfect, make sure your groom follows “suit”. (A little pun intended)


Miss B.


All About Alterations

You have waited up to 6 months for your dream dress to arrive, it’s finally here!

Now what? 

One word: Alterations

Wedding attire is not “ready to wear” – meaning it requires a little tailoring to obtain that perfect fit. Rest assured though, your full service boutique will have a specialized seamstress awaiting your appointment request.

Most all brides require the same basic alterations: Bust tuck, Hem, Bustle, and Cups.

What is a Bust Tuck?

Every women is shaped differently, most often the top of your bridal gown won’t lay completely flat across your chest. Although this might be a little scary right away, it’s nothing a simply bust tuck won’t fix. A bust tuck is simply bringing the front of the dress into the back of the dress, a very basic alteration. Once she’s done it, your dress will lay perfectly flat AND you won’t even be able to tell it didn’t come that way from the designer.


Women come in all shapes and sizes. Wedding attire is cut for someone 5’9-5″10 in heels. If you are taller, you may have ordered extra length. Chances are though, you are shorter. Bring your heels and get ready for your hem. If you have embellishment on the bottom, such as lace scalloping – your dress may need to be hemmed from the waist.

Party on!

Are you having a dance? Of course you are! Simply put a bustle is just the gathering and pinning of your train to keep it off the floor. Bustles can be an artwork, as long as you are working with a pro seamstress. After all, your dance lasts longer than your ceremony. A nicely formed bustle will give your guests something to look at all night.

What about the girls? 

Nicely constructed wedding gowns have enough structure and support within, you simply need to provide your ladies with a little shaping or enhancement. Bring on the cups! These lovely little gems get stitched right into your gown. No pesky strapless bra sliding up or down during your day.

Now you know the basics of what to expect. What else? 

Timeline: Depending on your area, you will want to schedule you initial fitting for a time about 8-10 weeks before your wedding.  You will have a final fitting just weeks before your big day.

What to bring: Shoes and other undergarments. Your boutique will likely have an assortment of cups and shapewear on hand designed to go with bridal attire.

Cost: This depends so much on the experience of your seamstress and the area you live. Budget between $80 – $190 for your alterations. The fit of your perfect wedding gown is just as important as the style you selected.

Destination Wedding Tips

Forget about an alter, your back drop is the ocean and a romantic sunset:

A destination wedding is the perfect blend of a vacation and honeymoon. Many couples choose to wed in a tropical paradise for many different reasons. A wedding and dream vacation all in one? Yes, please!


Below are some tips and tricks to help plan your perfect destination wedding

1.  Use on on-site planner: Most destination wedding venues provide the couple with someone to oversee planning. Since you are not able to be there and physically go over all the details in person, it is important that you have someone who is.

2. Be mindful of the weather: A satin ballgown with a cathedral length train is gorgeous, but not on a beach. Think of soft, flowing fabrics- maybe even a shorter style? You don’t want to be sweating more than necessary.

3. Research the law: Make sure to brush up on the marriage laws of the area you are visiting. Some places have stricter laws governing marriage than others.

4. Do something special for your guests: Most of your guests are spending around $1000 or more to attend your big day. Make sure to do something special for them. Hosting an extra party or excursion is a thoughtful way of saying “Thank You”

5. Check up on your vendors: Your on-site planner should help with this too, however, make sure you are using reputable vendors. Check up on their references and past clients. Always sign a contract.

6. Book in advance: You are sure to get the best rooms and best price if you plan out far enough. Many popular resort destinations sell out of their best views in the busy season. You want the honeymoon suite, don’t you?



7. Relax, your on vacation: Wedding planning can be stressful, but remember you are on vacation too! Enjoy your time in paradise.

Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs: The Etiquette Expert

Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs is our resident wedding etiquette expert. It’s nearly impossible to make it through planning without some feathers being ruffled….Have a question about a sticky planning situation? Write in or comment below. 

Miss. B-

My wedding is in 3 months! We are super excited for the day to come. My wedding gown fitting is coming up soon, I’m nervous. My dress fit perfectly when we ordered it. Planning has made life a little stressful to say the least. I have recently gained about 5-10 pounds. My clothes are a little snug, surely my dress will be too small. Besides starving myself, what should I do? I know exchanging the dress is not a possibility.


– A-little-more-to-love

A-little more to love,

First of all, don’t feel bad. This happens, more often then not actually. Many times, brides feel like they will lose weight on account of stress. Usually, it’s the opposite that happens. That is why we have seamstresses and seam allowance.

Express your concerns before your initial fitting, so your seamstress is in the know when you arrive. Also, at your appointment – stay calm. Bridal designers put about 2-4 inches of seam allowance in most every gown for this exact reason. Your talented seamstress will have your gown fitting perfectly in no time.

In just a short amount of time, you will be walking down the aisle looking and feeling gorgeous. Your wedding will be perfect and the stress will soon be gone.

Happy planning,

Miss. B.

Miss B,

I ordered the dress of my dreams online. It was hundreds less than it was at the store. It arrived the other day and it’s not at all the same thing. What happened? What do I do now? The beading looks cheap, there is no crinoline and the hemline is uneven. The website I ordered from is offering no help and I’m now afraid I won’t have a gown for my wedding day. Even worse, I have no budget to buy a new one. 

What would you suggest I do?  



Dear, Not-such-a-great-deal

You are not the first or last bride to purchase her dream dress at dream price-online.

Usually, when something is to good to be true- it is. Many factories over in China sell online. They use designer’s stock photos and do their best to re-create the style. Most times, this ends up in total failure.

The best thing to do is to cut your losses and start your search over again. In a case like yours, it’s most cost effective and you will have a better result if you just start your search over.

Many boutique shops have clearance racks or might offer a discount if you purchase a dress right off the rack. Maybe you can trim from your budget elsewhere?

If you go this way, you will end up with a much nicer design and service from a professional to ensure the best possible experience.

Have fun shopping,


Miss B.


Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs: The Etiquette Expert

Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs is our resident wedding etiquette expert. It’s nearly impossible to make it through planning without some feathers being ruffled….Have a question about a sticky planning situation? Write in or comment below. 

Miss. B-

I‘m newly engaged and want to have my wedding yet this year. A small quaint little wedding with just the people we are closest to. With the limited time we have to plan, I don’t want to get too tangled up in the details that come with a larger affair. My fiancee is on board with my idea. One problem though: he has a huge family, some of which I have only met once.

How can we have our small little wedding without making someone too upset? 

– Mrs. Can’t-it-just-be-small

Mrs. Can’t-it-just-be-small,

The guest list can be one of the most stressful aspects of planning your wedding day. Who to invite and who to leave out can cause friction and heartache to both parties. At the end of the day though, it’s YOUR wedding. If you want a small wedding, have a small wedding. Simply explain that you are having a small affair with just a very few in attendance. Surely, people will understand and respect your decision.

Since his side of the family is so large- large enough that you have only met some of them once or twice, they might not be as hurt as you think. Chances are, his family has a wedding once or twice a year. You doing things a little different than then norm might be a welcomed change.

Another option,  have a large reception at a later date. This way you wouldn’t need to get too carried away now and you would be able to celebrate with everyone at a larger party later. It is not uncommon for a couple to have a more private ceremony and a larger party later on. They don’t need to happen one right after the other.

Whatever you decide to do, remember it’s your day. You should be able to have the wedding you want, even if it’s very small.

Best of luck planning,

Miss. B.

Miss B,

My fiancee and I have dreams of clear waters and a romantic sunset for the backdrop of our wedding this December. It would mean the world to me for all of our family and friends to join us. Everyone sharing in the joy of our ceremony, just isn’t a reality though. Between airfare and hotel, our dream wedding would cost each person attending around $800. Not everyone can afford this. 

What are some ideas we  to involve all our loved ones in our special day? 



Dear, Sunset-Bride-2014

Congrats to you on your wedding day! It sounds like it will be a dream. I can picture it now.

It can be hard to think of your perfect day without all your loved ones in attendance. There are so many ways to involve them in your big day though.

Are you using a videographer? Many times, either them or even the resort will offer live streaming of the wedding. Then, they can actually “be” there. A close relative or friend could even host a viewing party. Everyone could meet there, sip tropical cocktails and truly feel like they are in paradise with you.

Have a pre-wedding party. Even if you are having a reception once you come back home, have a pre-party. This can be like an engagement party with a tropical theme to it. It would give your would-be guests the chance to visit with you and talk about your wedding. It would be a time for both of you, as a couple to spend quality time. Unlike the bridal shower and bachelor party where it’s usually just “the guys” or “ladies” .

Many couples chose to have an at home reception when they do a destination style wedding. This is the perfect time to celebrate your new marriage with all of your loved ones. It gives everyone the opportunity to come and congratulate you.

As you can see, there are so many different ways to have your dream wedding and not leave out your friends and family who can’t make it.


Miss B.


Healthy You: 10 ways to be happier and feel better!

Who doesn’t want to be happier? Especially with the weather as of late, we can find ourselves a little down and out. That feeling of tiredness, exhaustion, and irritability can be fixed.


According to a recent article featured on Self Magazine’s website, here are 10 ways we can become happier and feel better.


1. Eliminate Clutter!

This concept sounds so simple, but for most of us- we are used to living under a ton of stuff. Start with your work-space, move onto your closet, and finish in your kitchen.

Surely you have memos, papers, and old paper clutter that could use a trip to the recycling center. A clean work-space is a happy work-space.

It will be spring, sometime soon- I promise! If you haven’t already done so, clean out those winter clothes and replace them with spring ones.

Don’t stop with your closet- head straight to the kitchen. Get rid of old junk food and scrub your fridge. You might be surprised on how much expired food and nasty grime is in there.


2. Take a multivitamin!

Research has shown that especially women need their vitamins. Even if you eat a well rounded diet, chances are you are lacking in somewhere. Overtime, this could take a toll on your body and overall well being. Such a simple lifestyle change can make a big impact on how you feel.







3. Drink more water!

Your body is mostly made from it. No wonder why you need 8-10 glasses a day. Water not only keeps your digestive system at top performance, it also does wonders for hair and skin.

4. Don’t be a whiner!

Complaining and whining will get you no where. If something is not going the way you want it to, make the changes. Dwelling on something or feeling sorry for yourself will not make you feel good. Be the change you are seeking, this will make you happy.

5. Operate like a machine!

Well not really, but have a routine. Knowing what to expect and what to accomplish will help you stay on task. When you complete everything in a day you are needing to you feel accomplished. Accomplished people are happy people.

6. Move your body!

Exercise not only makes you look good, it actually makes you happy. Moving your body releases endorphin’s which are the happy chemicals in the brain. Plus, if you look good – you feel good.

7. Eat better!

Sugar is sweet but will not make you sweet! Eating good healthy food will maintain regular blood sugar levels and will keep your mood in check. Over eating makes you feel icky and full. Sugary over-processed foods on the other hand might give you an instant “energy” boost but will make you crash hard very fast- making you feel bad.

8. Get your 8 hours!

A grown adult needs at least 7-9 hours of sleep each night to function well. If you are getting less than that, of course you feel groggy and irritated! Your brain literally cannot function on little or no sleep. If your well rested you feel better, look better and are then happier.

9. Have fun!

Each day do something that makes you smile. Maybe take a quick walk outside or laugh at a funny Facebook post. No matter what it is, do something you enjoy- even a little bit. The act of laughing alone will brighten your mood and make for a happier day!

10. Love Love Love!

Love is the best thing you can do to brighten your mood! Even if you don’t have a significant other: Love your pet, love your friends, love yourself. Love will surely increase your mood and make you feel better. Love is also contagious- it will make the recipient of your love feel better too. Who doesn’t love to be loved?

Follow these simple, no fuss ways to be happier and feel better! In no time, the sun will be out (and warm) and there will be color outside.

Have a fabulous day!


Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs

Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs is our resident wedding etiquette expert. It’s nearly impossible to make it through planning without some feathers being ruffled….Have a question about a sticky planning situation? Write in or comment below. 

Miss. B-

I’m very excited for my upcoming planning, but a little nervous and confused about the upcoming parties. For example, who gives my shower? My Aunt wants to have one at our church but my fiances’ aunt wants to have one at her home? Do I get two? Also, what about the guest lists? ugh. So confused and not wanting to hurt feelings! I also don’t want people to feel obligated to purchase so many gifts! What’s a girl to do?


Dear Partied-Out,

Your confusion and feelings are common. First of all, take a deep breath. Know these women are just excited for you and want to shower you with gifts to celebrate your big day. It is very common for a family member or two to throw a few showers. Especially, in families that are large or when you are having a big wedding.

The host of the shower usually picks the guests who are attending, however, feel free to make a suggestion or two. To the shower your fiance’s aunt in throwing, maybe having your Mom there would make you feel more at ease. It also is an opportunity for her to meet his family. At the same time, having your future MOL at the shower hosted by your side is a nice gesture. Other key guests include bridesmaids and sisters.

Think of the varied guest lists as opportunities to spend more quality time with each person. If all people came to just one big shower, you might not get the opportunity to visit with everyone.

At the same time, your Maid of Honor will likely put together and host your bachelorette party. You can kind of think about this party like a bridal shower, but with your friends. It’s more informal and the gifts are typically that of lingerie and wine rather than items from your registry.

Sit back and enjoy,

Miss. B.

Miss B, 

I just don’t understand why I have to register. I think it is tacky to ask people for gifts at the same time you are inviting them to your wedding. Do we have to register? 



Dear Un-Registered,

Although your thoughts come from a place with good intentions, think of it this way. Your guests are coming to your wedding, they are bringing you a gift. Wouldn’t it be polite to give them some direction? This saves your guests time and energy running around and could spare feelings as well. What happens when your great aunt comes to visit only to find out you returned the lovely wall hanging she purchased?

Simply put, a registry helps those attending your wedding be able to get you something that you will use and need in your home.

Make sure though, you keep a wide variety of items on your registry so they can pick something they really want to give you. Also, keep a variety of price points on there too. Some people may have a larger budget than others and accommodating to that is a polite thing to do.

If you really don’t want or need gifts, make sure it is stated in your invitation. Suggesting donations to your favorite charity is a nice idea.

Now, go out and scan away.


Miss B.