Healthy You: Tips to Feel Great today!

May showers bring June flowers? If this is the case, it’s going to be gorgeous very soon.

With the weather changing and both wedding and swimsuit season quickly approaching, the time to feel good is now.

Below are some easy tips to stay fit and feel your best today!

Did you know there are 3500 calories in a pound? That means the average person needs to cut only 500 calories per day to lose one pound a week. Simply pass on that second slice or opt for black coffee over that latte.

It takes only 3 weeks for a new “thing” to become a habit. Use this information for good! Make your new “thing” something healthy. Aim for 300 crunches before bed each night, no snacking after supper, or eliminate soda.

Drink more water! Good old H20 is the ultimate “fuel” that keeps your body moving. Make sure you are getting at least 64oz per day. That is 8 glasses or 4 of the typical (16 oz) size water bottle.

Don’t be a hater. It’s so much easier to feel good when you are nice to yourself. Positive reinforcement is the ultimate driver for success. Did you overeat? Miss a workout? It’s okay! You are a human, not a machine.

Run! or walk or bike or swim. It doesn’t matter just move. Exercise creates these little drugs called endorphin’s. They feel great and make us happy. Best thing about them? They are free and legal. You have to tap into that energy inside to get them though. Try it out, you’ll be glad you did.

Shop the outside parameters of the grocery store. This is where to good stuff is. Your cart should be filled with food that is colorful, fresh, and that expires within a week or two. When you eat more nutritious food, you feel and look better. Nutritious food has vitamins and other good stuff that your body likes.

Graze, like a cow. Ever notice how cows are always eating? Follow suit. Aim for small meals or snacks (200-300 calories) every 3-4 hours. You will never feel too full and bogged down and will also never be starved and ready to binge.

“Break-Fast” Wake up, Eat up. Your up and ready to go, help your body get going too. Eat something with carbs and protein within an hour of rising. Try oatmeal or an egg with berries. This gets your metabolism moving and helps your body run better throughout the day.