Fall 2015: Wedding Fashion Trends at a Glance

Planning your 2016 wedding? Below are our favorite new trends in wedding fashion. New styles are starting to arrive, full collection in-store by late August. 

1. Our newest in Bridal fashions will feature more streamlined skirts accented with subtle beading and lace detail. Softer fabrics make for a more romantic look while sleeve treatments frame a feminine figure.

2. Gold and Champagne are going to be options more widely accepted moving forward. The 2016 bride wants more to select from than just white or ivory.

3. Chiffon is still a strong fabric for maids, but other textures are coming around. We will feature styles made of soft tulle, satin and even jersey fabrics. 2016 is all about individual style, alternative bridesmaid fabrication helps capture the individuality of the girls.

4. Menswear is all about the fit and color. David Tutera is has created a new line of tuxedos that  feature a slim shawl lapel. These slim fitting designs are available in 3 unique colors- Black, Light Ivory and Platinum. The lighter two are fabricated in a soft linen.


Buy Suits or Rent Tuxes?

The question so many modern grooms are asking.  Should we rent tuxes? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to buy a suit? 

There are pros and cons to both options. At the end of the day, there is no right and wrong- each wedding party is completely unique and so is their formalwear choice.

Renting Tuxedos:

This is the most common option, and for good reason. First of all, it’s easy. You select the attire and the guys just go and get sized. Tuxes come in the week of the wedding and everyone can just pick them up. After the wedding is over, they can simply be dropped back off. No cleaning, no fuss- nothing to keep track of. Also, many times there are attractive rental discounts where a couple can get free rentals and save up to $40 off each rental.

Buying Suits:

This option is rapidly gaining popularity among couples. Who wouldn’t want a nice new suit? Many times the gentleman in your party can purchase a brand new jacket and pants for around $160 and sometimes less. This is perfect for the casual groom who wears suits to work or gets dressed up regularly. For weddings where this isn’t the case, the new suit will likely spend much of it’s time hanging in the back of a closet. Don’t forget tailoring and accessory items are extra.

Renting Suits:

This is a happy medium. The gentleman have all the benefits of renting (discounts, freebies, ease of picking up and dropping off). They don’t need to worry about getting to a tailor finding and paying for accessory’s. Many times, the rental suits are of higher quality than their “for purchase” counterparts. They will fit better and look nicer in photographs.


In-store soon! Recap from Magic Market

A few weeks ago, we asked what you would like us to have in-store. Just last week, we visited our first market. Boy, did we find some awesome things!

In the coming weeks and months, you will start to see these items and more (we will keep you posted)

Suits are in high demand. Although tuxedo rentals offer so many nice options for customizing and such: sometimes you just need a suit. Starting next month, we will be offering men’s suits. Options will be available in black, brown, tan, grey, navy and more! Available singly or for entire wedding parties. We didn’t forget about the accessories.

Another item on your want list was more MOB options. We heard you and found some great selections. First shipment will be in-store at the end of next month. These stylish dresses are anything but matronly.

Every dress looks better with a little sparkle, right? Starting soon, we will have a more affordable and quicker shipping sashes and belts. Available in so many different colors these will compliment your maids, moms and even flower girls. From the same company, we also ordered some very pretty headbands.

Other items not featured here include more affordable maids, social occasion and a brand new bridal line! As our new items start to arrive, you will be the first to know!

Modern and Unique: Ideas for the boys

Who says the girls have all the fun? The gentleman in your party want a a little style in their look too. Although wedding party’s strive for some kind of uniformity, try one or two of these ideas to spice things up a bit.


Funky, crazy socks: Not only do they make a cute gift idea, but a cute photo opp.

Lapel Decor: Try something besides the traditional flower boutonniere

The best looking guy in town: There is something about a man in a tuxedo.

An alternative route: Casual doesn’t have to be boring

Tie it up: subtle differences in tie patterns and shapes create a stylish and unique look

Ditch the bows for some boots: A Country Girl Wedding

Your excited to start planning your wedding but bows, puff, and tulle really aren’t your thing. Your perfect wedding day should be a reflection of you, and you are a true country girl at heart. Ditch the white satin heels, put on your boots and let’s paint the picture of the perfect country girl wedding.








Before “I do” comes “Yes” – your fiance wanted the engagement to be special. What’s better than a surprise proposal out in the woods? How about spelling it out on the family’s livestock? He is quite the catch!

Image from Pinterest redneck1


Next comes the attire:  forget paisley,  Mossy Oak is your pattern of choice!

redneck4 redneck1 redneck2 redneck3

Why party at the bar when you can party right at home?  A true country girl loves the outdoors and just wants to have a good time.  As a couple, you think outside the box for your bachelor and bachelorette parities ! A pool party followed by a bbq and bonfire sound perfect!

redneck4 redneck3 redneck2 redneck1




















Now comes the big day! Picture this: Your closest family and friends seated on bails along an aisle right in the middle of the country, cocktails in hand. After a short ceremony, you are ready to party! The night kicks off with a local band and a pig roast.  A few hours later, it’s time to cut the cake. You and your guests enjoy the party into the early morning hours. 

redneck3 redneck2 redneck1

redneck5 redneck1 redneck2 redneck3 redneck4

The Return of the Tuxedo: Oscars Recap

The past few years have shown a decline in traditional dress for weddings and other formal functions. This is changing.

Hollywood and all it’s gorgeousness typically sets the trends we all love to follow. Did anyone catch the Oscar’s this past weekend? Wow. Put already gorgeous people in a fitted tuxedo, a bowtie is just the icing on the cake.

Oscar's in Ivory

Long gone are the days of the scratchy, boxy, and all too perfectly matched vest and tie. Don’t expect to see the same boring black tuxedo everywhere.

blu3 blu1 blu2
Black has been replaced by midnight blue, shades of ivory, grey’s and even tan. Soft, silk woven garments, complimented in neutral accessories are the new “now”

blu3 ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? blu2


The pure fit and styling showcased by A-list celebs at Sunday’s award show allows for personality and personal style to really shine through. This concept can be applied to your wedding or any formal function.

Movies like Great Gatsby and American Hustle really started this new standard of formal dress. The Return of the Tuxedo.

gatsby3 gatsby1 gatsby2

What can we take from all this? Don’t feel like you have to be so casual. Although you can wear whatever you are comfortable in- It’s your wedding day. When else will you get to wear a tuxedo? There is something about a guy, dressed to the nines, that will make a women weak in the knees.

You only have one wedding day, a celebration of you. Might as well dress for the occasion. Tan pants and a tie can be worn to church. A tuxedo can be worn to a wedding. We are so excited, The Return of the Tuxedo.




Tips for an Outdoor Wedding. By Hannah H.

Are you considering and outdoor wedding? Or maybe your already in the process of having one. If so, that is great! Outdoor weddings are beautiful, and can be very memorable. You can put your own twist on everything.  From the ceremony space, to the dance floor. As great as outdoor weddings are you need to keep a few things in mind when planning one. With these ten tips you will be ready for anything come your big day.

1. Have a plan B. This is the single most important step. What are you going to do if it rains? It is hard to know what the weather is going to do months out, so be prepared and have that backup plan. If there is light rain a big white tent will do, but if the weather is severe you need to move the ceremony inside. Most receptions are inside so you could bring in chairs and move things around to convert the reception space into the ceremony location.


2. Make sure your guest stay cool. Nobody likes going to a wedding and sweating like crazy because of the heat. Be sure to have some sort of cooling device, like large quiet fans, or air conditioners. Also provide individual fans for your guest with handing out the programs, also consider even handing out small water bottles to keep them refreshed and happy.

3. Shield from the Sun. Consider providing sunscreen and sunglasses for your guest, most people will forget these items. These could also be used as party favors.


4. Don’t forget the BUGS! If there is a swarm of flies or mosquitos buzzing around during your ceremony everyone will be focused on swatting those pesky bugs, stealing the focus from the ceremony. To prevent this from happening, you could either use insect repellent lamps, which make no zapping noise, or your could also use candles that contain oils that repel insects such as: citronella, cinnamon, castor, rosemary, lemongrass, cedar, clove, geranium and peppermint oils. You can decorate these lamps or candles to make them look like they are part of the ceremony space.


5. Plan your Pictures. Don’t take your wedding pictures at noon or too close to noon- the sun will be directly overhead and will cause unflattering shadows. With that in mind, aim to take your pictures in the morning or later in the afternoon/evening. Consult with your photographer for more lighting recommendations.

6. Choose your Location Wisely. A beach may be beautiful but it many also be very windy, and crashing waves any be hard to hear over. Be sure to plan accordingly based on your location. If you’re at any public place where there is residual noise, look into renting clip-on microphones for the officiant and bride and groom so that everyone can hear the ceremony.


7. Provide chair cushions/covers. If the sun is out, chairs (especially metal ones) can heat up in a hurry. So don’t forget to bring chair cushions or chair covers for your guest so they don’t burn themselves when sitting down. This can also be a great opportunity to decorate!


8. Have summer food. During your cocktail hour don’t serve anything too heavy; instead try serving fruit skewers, shrimp cocktail, crisp veggies and other light appetizers, instead of cheese or other dairy-based products that would melt in the heat.


9. Experiment with Decorations. Instead of having a bunch of flowers that will wilt, consider lanterns or other decorations that are beautiful but much less expensive an hold up better in the sun.


10. Be Mindful of Fabrics. Whether it’s your wedding gown, the bridesmaid dresses, the men’s tuxes or any other decorative fabrics, look into lighter material that breathes and won’t make you and your wedding party sweat excessively. Examples include: cotton organdy, chiffon, crepe or voile over silk.

Image Image

We hope these tips will help your outdoor wedding will go very smoothly!