Say YES to the dress: Tip for shopping success

You said YES to the groom, now it’s time to say YES to the dress!

The appointment is made, your Pinterest board is complete and you are ready to shop.

There are certain items you should have with you at your appointment that will make your experience easier and more pleasant. 

  1. A nude strapless bra
  2. Nude heels or your wedding shoes if you already have them
  3. Simple Jewelry (if any at all)

There are also some things you can do that will help you visualize better.

  1. Have your hair somewhat “done”  – your consultant will put at least one accessory item in your hair. A bridal appointment is not complete without at least trying on one veil.
  2. Wear neutral or very minimal makeup. You want the focus to really be on the dress.
  3. Eat light before, you don’t want to be starving while making such an important decision.
  4. Bring one or two important people with you. An entire entourage will make the decision process harder.

New 2017 Maggie Sottero Collection

Just having wrapped up a successful market season, we have decided to give everyone a sneak peek at what is going to arrive in our stock orders. Even though these gorgeous dresses are on order, they won’t arrive to us for another 10-12 weeks as they are being handcrafted just for our store.

We will be posting as soon as these arrive so you can be the first to come and see! Stay tuned to our social media.

We are so excited!



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Oh Spring. Why are you so moody? Sunny and 50 today… Snow tomorrow.

Other than the ever changing weather, we are so excited this time of year! Our UPS man brings us all sorts of pretty things on the daily.

We can’t help but notice how fashion is changing just as much as the weather outside.

Below are our top trends for Spring.

Needlepoint Inspiration- not just for Grandma’s house. We are seeing this trend on everything from the lace on weddings gowns, to bridesmaids and even on Prom dresses.


French Blue – Grey might not be the most popular color anymore in the menswear world. We are seeing French Blue on both suits and tuxedos alike. Simple colored jacket and pant sets are accessorized with neutral colors.

Gold- Jewelry and other bridal accessories are coming in with metallic gold accents.

Burgundy, Wine and shades of darker Red– Dark Red shades are so popular not only in bridesmaids dresses but in Prom too. The jewel tone color looks amazing on most skin completions and is a breath of fresh air.


Prom and Puppies 2017

Help those who cannot help themselves! Join us for “Prom and Puppies” During our busiest season of the year, we are collecting much needed items for our local Humane Societies. (Humane Society of the Lakes – Detroit Lakes and Circle of Friends Humane Society – Grand Forks)

Prom goers will receive an extra discount on their attire with a simple donation.  Up to 20% off their dress or up to $50 off their tuxedo rental.

We have asked both places what things they need to help on a day-to-day basis and came up with the following list.

These simple items make all the difference in the world to the puppies and kitties who await their forever homes.

Not going to prom but still want to help? We will happily take your donations! Please drop off during regular store hours and we will get the supplies where they need to go.

This event kicks off March 18th and run through April 15th.

Don’t shop, adopt!

Watch us on Instagram and Facebook for “Take me home Tuesday” – each week we will feature a furry friend who is waiting to be adopted.

DRY Food- Cat, Dog, Kitten or Puppy
SOFT Treats- Cat or Dog
8.5 x 11 Copy Paper
Clorox Wipes
Dog Brushes




Maids Shopping: Prepping the Girls

You said “yes” to your perfect dress. Now it’s time to find dresses for your best girls! Shopping for your maids can be easy or it can be hard. We may have some experience in helping brides find their perfect dresses and have compiled some of our best advice.


Pick a day and time. Pick something that works for you. Create a group text or Facebook message and get the word out. Don’t be disappointed when not everyone can make it. In most cases it’s impossible to round everyone up on the same day. For those who can not make the shopping date, fill them in with photos and set up a time to bring them in – just the two of you.

Prepare them. Let them know what to expect when the shopping day comes around. Most dresses are sampled in a bridal 10 or 12 (regular size 6-8). Most appointments are scheduled to last about 90 minutes. Also, upon ordering they will need to make a deposit on the final selection. (usually 50%)

Share your style ahead of time. Remind them (in the nicest way you can) this is your day. Show them styles that you are liking, and paint a picture of what you are wanting your dresses to look like. Most salons have hundreds of dresses to look through- it can be overwhelming.

Designate a try on model. It’s much easier to have 1-2 models show the group dresses than to have your entire entourage trying things on.


Plan to have drinks or lunch after. Make sure there is enough time left in the day to make a bonding experience out of it. It’s not very often you can get the whole group together and planning goes so quickly. Make the most of it.

Buying Suits is better, isn’t it?

Rather than renting menswear for your wedding, your considering just purchasing suits. It’s cheaper and everyone can use a suit… right? Not necessarily.

This popular thinking is very popular among couples right now. For some weddings, this is a great choice. For most though, rentals are a better idea. You are given a better product at a lesser price.

Weighing out the pros and cons of purchasing versus renting is so important before making your decision.

Myth: Suits are cheaper.

Reality: Suits are the purchase of a jacket and pant (sometimes a vest).  Yes,  those two pieces might carry a minimal cost. Ask yourself this..

Are the gentleman in your party going sans shirts, shoes and accessory?

We hope not! Along with the purchase of a suit comes the rental or purchase of a shirt, vest and tie, shoe, cuff-links  and pocket square. Shoes also need to be considered. Not everyone will have an acceptable pair of shoes at hand. Purchasing or even just renting these items will add up quickly.

Also, suits require alterations to obtain ideal fit. Not only does this add to the budget. It requires time and an appointment.

Myth: Everyone can use a suit.

Reality: Not everyone can actually use a suit. Today, most professional jobs only require “business casual”. Most people do not wear suits to work. As far as other social events go, the average person only attends a formal event every 2 years. Most formal events are also “business casual”…

If you are thinking they can wear it in another wedding, think again. Each designer has a unique fabric, fit and lapel style. Even thought you have impeccable taste..the selection for your big day will likely not be the same as someone else. 

Myth: Rentals are so expensive

Reality: Most full service stores offer a free groom and discounts of up to $50 off each additional rental. The savings, especially during bridal shows and peak booking season can be amazing. You can easily gain leverage with a large wedding party.

Myth: Buying gets you a better product.

Reality: Renting gets you a better product. A typical rental coat and pant would retail for $500-$800. They are made from fine fabrics, high thread count wool (meaning a soft feel) and have a designer name brand behind them. The typical suit is purchased for around $100. The suit is $100 suit. They are polyester, imported from China and have no designer or brand name to stand behind them. It’s nice for day use or for a guest to wear to your wedding. Next to your bridal gown, your perfect dress- it might look a little cheap.

Myth: At least we can try a suit on…

Reality: Your full service store will offer a complete try on for you before you make your final decision. If you are on the fence about accessory items or unsure of fit. You can try it on.

Even though it’s popular right now, and might seem like a good idea- consider your options before making your final decision to purchase suits. It’s your wedding day- your wedding photographs. The average bridal gown costs $1589 .. what would it look best next to?

Rentals get a bad rep sometimes. Today, styles are different than they were when you went to prom. Found something on Pinterest? Rent it. It will complete the other half to your perfect wedding look.

Back on track: Healthy YOU!

Now that the holidays are completely over, 2017 is in full force. It’s time to get motivated and be the best version of you!

Easier said than done, right? Wrong.

Follow our simple steps below and watch your self control return and those extra holiday pounds fall away as quickly as they came on.

Increase you fiber and protein intake. You hear this all the time, and for good reason. Fiber and protein keep you fuller longer. Also, a high fiber and protein mixture will typically be found in healthier eating choices.

Eat when your hungry, not because you are bored. This is something so obvious but so hard. Food tastes good, especially the bad for you stuff. It’s instant gratification and something to “do” while you are sitting on the couch watch T.V. Trade the pretzels for some herbal tea. It still has flavor and keeps your hands busy.


You have to move more. Join a Fitbit challenge, take the stairs, park further away- do what you have to. Moving burns calories- calories are what you need to burn to lose weight.

Try to make muscle. Muscle burns fat- it looks better too. The easiest way to do this is by lifting weights. If the gym isn’t your thing, try doing body weight exercises from home. Push-ups, lunges, dips and squats can all be done in your living room.

Get motivated. Sites such as Pinterest or Instagram  are full images that will get you motivated. Maybe it’s a tropical beach that will remind you of summer, a photo of your wedding gown or simply a quote. Find out what gets you going.