Say YES to your Vendors

With planning the perfect wedding comes certain expectations. It’s YOUR DAY after all! You get 1 wedding and you need a team of pros to pull it all off. The big question, how to pick the right team to work with?!

1. Follow your gut. You checked out their social media, their website and maybe even their client testimonials. Did you get {warm fuzzies} or {cold pricklies} ? Even a business that has the best reputation might not be the best choice if you don’t “hit it off” Communication is key- you have to work with someone you vibe with.


2. Are they in the budget? Even if you find the perfect {Dress, photographer, honeymoon destination} Can you make it work from a financial aspect? You may need to move other things around. Nothing is worse than 2 years of credit card debt.

3. Is your date available? If not, can you set an alternate? All the stars must align for your {DREAM TEAM} to come together

4. Do they offer a discount? Some vendors offer a discount on their products or services if you book during a show, pay in full or purchase more than one service. It never hurts to ask.


5. Stay within {budget}. No one likes that word. Wouldn’t it be nice if “money tree” was an item you could put on your registry? It’s not. Find out what you can afford and stick to it. You will be happy when you can have that new couch {table, mini-vacation, etc}. It will be so much better than that extra {FILL IN THE BLANK}

Maids Shopping: Prepping the Girls

You said “yes” to your perfect dress. Now it’s time to find dresses for your best girls! Shopping for your maids can be easy or it can be hard. We may have some experience in helping brides find their perfect dresses and have compiled some of our best advice.


Pick a day and time. Pick something that works for you. Create a group text or Facebook message and get the word out. Don’t be disappointed when not everyone can make it. In most cases it’s impossible to round everyone up on the same day. For those who can not make the shopping date, fill them in with photos and set up a time to bring them in – just the two of you.

Prepare them. Let them know what to expect when the shopping day comes around. Most dresses are sampled in a bridal 10 or 12 (regular size 6-8). Most appointments are scheduled to last about 90 minutes. Also, upon ordering they will need to make a deposit on the final selection. (usually 50%)

Share your style ahead of time. Remind them (in the nicest way you can) this is your day. Show them styles that you are liking, and paint a picture of what you are wanting your dresses to look like. Most salons have hundreds of dresses to look through- it can be overwhelming.

Designate a try on model. It’s much easier to have 1-2 models show the group dresses than to have your entire entourage trying things on.

Plan to have drinks or lunch after. Make sure there is enough time left in the day to make a bonding experience out of it. It’s not very often you can get the whole group together and planning goes so quickly. Make the most of it.


Buying Suits is better, isn’t it?

Rather than renting menswear for your wedding, your considering just purchasing suits. It’s cheaper and everyone can use a suit… right? Not necessarily.

This popular thinking is very popular among couples right now. For some weddings, this is a great choice. For most though, rentals are a better idea. You are given a better product at a lesser price.

Weighing out the pros and cons of purchasing versus renting is so important before making your decision.

Myth: Suits are cheaper.

Reality: Suits are the purchase of a jacket and pant (sometimes a vest).  Yes,  those two pieces might carry a minimal cost. Ask yourself this..

Are the gentleman in your party going sans shirts, shoes and accessory?

We hope not! Along with the purchase of a suit comes the rental or purchase of a shirt, vest and tie, shoe, cuff-links  and pocket square. Shoes also need to be considered. Not everyone will have an acceptable pair of shoes at hand. Purchasing or even just renting these items will add up quickly.

Also, suits require alterations to obtain ideal fit. Not only does this add to the budget. It requires time and an appointment.

Myth: Everyone can use a suit.

Reality: Not everyone can actually use a suit. Today, most professional jobs only require “business casual”. Most people do not wear suits to work. As far as other social events go, the average person only attends a formal event every 2 years. Most formal events are also “business casual”…

If you are thinking they can wear it in another wedding, think again. Each designer has a unique fabric, fit and lapel style. Even thought you have impeccable taste..the selection for your big day will likely not be the same as someone else. 

Myth: Rentals are so expensive

Reality: Most full service stores offer a free groom and discounts of up to $50 off each additional rental. The savings, especially during bridal shows and peak booking season can be amazing. You can easily gain leverage with a large wedding party.


Myth: Buying gets you a better product.

Reality: Renting gets you a better product. A typical rental coat and pant would retail for $500-$800. They are made from fine fabrics, high thread count wool (meaning a soft feel) and have a designer name brand behind them. The typical suit is purchased for around $100. The suit is $100 suit. They are polyester, imported from China and have no designer or brand name to stand behind them. It’s nice for day use or for a guest to wear to your wedding. Next to your bridal gown, your perfect dress- it might look a little cheap.


Myth: At least we can try a suit on…

Reality: Your full service store will offer a complete try on for you before you make your final decision. If you are on the fence about accessory items or unsure of fit. You can try it on.

Even though it’s popular right now, and might seem like a good idea- consider your options before making your final decision to purchase suits. It’s your wedding day- your wedding photographs. The average bridal gown costs $1589 .. what would it look best next to?

Rentals get a bad rep sometimes. Today, styles are different than they were when you went to prom. Found something on Pinterest? Rent it. It will complete the other half to your perfect wedding look.


We’re Moving! {DOWNTOWN}

We are thrilled to announce that our Grand Forks store is moving {DOWNTOWN}

Our new address will be 425 North 4th Street – a few blocks North of Kittsona and across the street from Central High School!

We will be open for pick-ups only from July 24th-26th to complete the process. Please message us on Facebook messenger for the quickest reply.

You are going to LOVE the new space!


Asking for gifts is tacky, isn’t it?


You might think a gift registry is old school. Maybe you think it’s tacky. You don’t want to seem greedy “asking” for gifts.

Well guess what?!

People are going to buy you a gift for your wedding anyway. It may as well be something you would like and can use.

With that being said, you don’t have to go overboard. A gift registry can be as simple or as crazy as you want.

I was married at 27 and had been living on my own for a while. My husband was in the same boat (29) We had many of the common household items already. We used our Target gift registry as a way to upgrade and update some of the items we already were using. Once we received gift items, we were able to “donate” our starter items to younger siblings.

Maybe this is your circumstance, maybe not.

If you are new and just starting out, think of the little things. You and your future spouse might need a lot as you get settle into married life. Register for items such as towels, measuring cups and even serving spoons. All these things add up and when you are just getting started.

A traditional gift registry might not be your thing, that is okay. Contact your local travel agent and have them set up a “honeymoon registry” for you. This way, you can go on your dream honeymoon or do extra excursions while there if you already have one planned.

Tech savvy? Amazon has a gift registry as well. You don’t even need to leave your home- and neither do your guests. This is very convenient for those who might be traveling from afar (or celebrating from afar). Nothing beats 2 day prime shipping.

If you truly don’t need or want anything for your wedding, there are registry options for you too. Ask guests to donate to your favorite (or their favorite) charity in lieu of wedding gifts. There is a worthy cause out there that could use your support, trust me.

Now that we have established why you should register and gone over some options- consider these etiquette suggestions.

  • DO NOT – I repeat do not put your registry information on your wedding invites. This is tacky. Your registry information goes two places. (1) your wedding website (2) your shower invites. People will find out your registry information.
  • Register for different items at different price points. You want your guests to have options that fit the budget. Registering for only high end items is not the way to go.
  • Check on your registry often. If the selection for people to pick from is dwindling- add more items. This is really important in the two weeks leading up to a shower or your wedding day.
  • After every shower, after every party and after every gift is opened- Send a “Thank You”. A handwritten message is the way to go. There is nothing sweeter than a personalized “Thank You” expressing gratitude for a gift received. You might not dig the squirrel feeder your cousin gave you- but they thought it was neat. They thought you would like it. That is what matters.

Even though a gift registry might seem like a thing of the past, it’s not. There is a reason why they exist and most importantly- why you should have one.

You get married one time, embrace the motions. Just get registered.



Modern Wedding Etiquette: Help with Sticky Situations

With planning comes certain etiquette standards that must be upheld. Yes, we live in modern times. No, this doesn’t give you (or your guests) a free pass to be rude. We have answers to some  sticky etiquette questions that you (or someone you know) might encounter this season.

Do I really need to mail “Save the Date” cards? 

No, not usually. Save the Date cards are appropriate and intended for those couples who might be planning around a holiday weekend, have very busy friends and family, or who are planning an extended engagement. Think of them as a pre-invitation. They are sent out with the simple purpose of letting someone know they will be receiving an invitation to your big day.


Do I really need to buy shower gifts for every shower? How about the bachelorette party?

If you are invited to the party, bring a gift- especially if you are in the wedding. With that being said, it doesn’t need to be elaborate or super expensive each time. Maybe the couple registered for drinking glasses- bring one set to each affair. Does that bride (or groom) bake? Buy different baking dishes so at the end of the showers, they have a full set. There are so many creative ways to be polite.

Who gets invited to the rehearsal supper? 

The entire wedding party, their dates or spouses and children. Also, the officiant and your parents. Don’t forget to extend the invite to out-of-town guests who have taken time from work and traveled to celebrate with you.

Do I need a gift opening?

The gift opening is a tradition that does not need to be maintained. Although it is fun for some to see what the new couple has received for gifts- for most, they would rather sleep in or hit the road home. Many couples now do this in the privacy of their own home. If you do host one, plan to feed the people who come.

Do kids have to be invited? 

This is a sticky situation. Think about the people you are inviting. Do many of your friends have small children? Does your family have a lot of little ones?

Do you want them to come?

If your crowd is mostly adults or are big party people, you might be safe keeping it adults only. If your group has kids, you might be offending the people you are closest to. Do what you want to, but expect some just won’t come.