Healthy YOU: Navigating Pumpkin Season

The leaves are turning and pumpkin flavor everything is all over the place. Oh how we love Fall.


It’s so easy on these brisk mornings and dark evenings to cozy up on the couch and snuggle in.

Way too easy. Trust us.

The only more comforting than a soft blanket and your significant other is chocolate. And snacks. Maybe some Halloween candy too. (Fun size means more, right?)


Summer is not that far gone and Spring is right around the corner. The way far corner, but it’s still coming. So is wedding season. Remember that when you get the whip on your pumpkin spice latte.

Here are a few tips we like that help ease into the chilly weather without losing our calorie count completely.

  1. Drink Water. Warm or hot water specifically. Water helps to curb hunger and warmer water keeps you satisfied and cozy.
  2. Search sites like Pinterest and Spark People for healthier pumpkin flavored goodies that are easier on the scale.
  3. Bundle up and tough it out. You can still enjoy the outdoors, just break out those cute boots and scarf.
  4. Move your workout indoors. Take the hold off your gym membership or pop in a workout DVD.
  5. Soup it up! Soup is so entirely delicious, especially in the Fall. It’s also very filling and can be one of the healthiest options for comfort food.
  6. Make your own hot chocolate. So easy. Mix 1-2 TBSP of coccoa powder + 8oz of your favorite milk + 1 tsp of sugar. Thin out with water or add more powder for more thickness. Clean, healthy, and warm.

It’s so easy to cozy up into Fall! It’s one of the prettiest times of the year and also a kind of pre-test for the impending cookie season. Follow our favorite ways to keep in check this year.



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