Your Bridal Appointment: What to expect

Yay for you!


Bridal Show…Check!


Dress… In progress!

We have been helping brides for over 7 years now! {Yay} We truly have the best job. If you are reading this, chances are you have just met us at a bridal show and are coming to visit one of our stores to find your perfect wedding gown. {You are going to be a GORGEOUS AFFAIRS BRIDE}

You scheduled your appointment and are anxiously awaiting the day. What comes next?

Here is what we suggest to have the best experience possible.

1. Bring heels. Spanx. And Lipstick! You need to be wearing most of the things you will be wearing on your wedding day. It will give you the best possible idea of what your final look will be. Lipstick just makes every girl feel pretty!

2. Have an idea. Of likes of dislikes of budget. You are searching for {THE ONE} help us help you! Let us know all the details of what exactly you are wanting for your perfect dress. We surely have it!

3. Bring a few. Not everyone, but someone- A few {LOVING} people that are close to you will pave the way to success. Too many people = too many opinions. All ladies have their own sense of style and it might not be what your sense of style is. Too many opinions may end the appointment with hurt feelings {0r trying to please all} instead of a YES!


4. Stay hydrated and eat before. Han-grey is not a good feeling. Water is welcome {and champagne is water in our opinion}.


5. Be optimistic. Your stylist knows the dresses and might suggest something you might not think is worth trying on. The ugliest dress on the rack is the prettiest dress on the bride {YES, sometimes it really is- TRUST US}


We are so exited to help with your perfect wedding attire and can’t want to meet you.

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