Your a bridesmaid! Now what?

Your a bridesmaid! How exciting!

Maybe you have done this before, maybe it’s your first time. Below are some of our favorite bridesmaid duties. Read on to find out some of what you can expect while being a part of your friend or sisters special day.

You will buy a dress and wear it. It might not be your favorite color or style but your going to put it on and accessorize with a smile. You should also expect to purchase shoes, hair and makeup, plus other accessory items. In some cases, the bride might help out- but don’t expect that she does.

Your presence at wedding related activities are a must. Bridal shower, bachlorette party and the whole day of the wedding of course. Gifts should be given for all wedding related events. Chipping in time and resources to cover costs is also key. Many times, the maid (or matron) of honor will organize things. Strapped on cash? Sometimes your time and energy is so appreciated.

The bride will also need your support and your help from time to time. Weddings are a lifetime milestone and you are in her inner circle. Make sure you are being a good friend or sister. You might be a shoulder to cry on or simply an errand runner. No matter the situation, help out.

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