Prom and Puppies 2017

Help those who cannot help themselves! Join us for “Prom and Puppies” During our busiest season of the year, we are collecting much needed items for our local Humane Societies. (Humane Society of the Lakes – Detroit Lakes and Circle of Friends Humane Society – Grand Forks)

Prom goers will receive an extra discount on their attire with a simple donation.  Up to 20% off their dress or up to $50 off their tuxedo rental.

We have asked both places what things they need to help on a day-to-day basis and came up with the following list.

These simple items make all the difference in the world to the puppies and kitties who await their forever homes.

Not going to prom but still want to help? We will happily take your donations! Please drop off during regular store hours and we will get the supplies where they need to go.

This event kicks off March 18th and run through April 15th.

Don’t shop, adopt!

Watch us on Instagram and Facebook for “Take me home Tuesday” – each week we will feature a furry friend who is waiting to be adopted.

DRY Food- Cat, Dog, Kitten or Puppy
SOFT Treats- Cat or Dog
8.5 x 11 Copy Paper
Clorox Wipes
Dog Brushes




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