Maids Shopping: Prepping the Girls

You said “yes” to your perfect dress. Now it’s time to find dresses for your best girls! Shopping for your maids can be easy or it can be hard. We may have some experience in helping brides find their perfect dresses and have compiled some of our best advice.


Pick a day and time. Pick something that works for you. Create a group text or Facebook message and get the word out. Don’t be disappointed when not everyone can make it. In most cases it’s impossible to round everyone up on the same day. For those who can not make the shopping date, fill them in with photos and set up a time to bring them in – just the two of you.

Prepare them. Let them know what to expect when the shopping day comes around. Most dresses are sampled in a bridal 10 or 12 (regular size 6-8). Most appointments are scheduled to last about 90 minutes. Also, upon ordering they will need to make a deposit on the final selection. (usually 50%)

Share your style ahead of time. Remind them (in the nicest way you can) this is your day. Show them styles that you are liking, and paint a picture of what you are wanting your dresses to look like. Most salons have hundreds of dresses to look through- it can be overwhelming.

Designate a try on model. It’s much easier to have 1-2 models show the group dresses than to have your entire entourage trying things on.


Plan to have drinks or lunch after. Make sure there is enough time left in the day to make a bonding experience out of it. It’s not very often you can get the whole group together and planning goes so quickly. Make the most of it.

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