One Gorgeous Mama!

Baby bumps and dresses can mix together and create one gorgeous mama!

No matter if you are expecting or someone in your wedding party is, rest assured all is going to be perfect.

First things first, try and select a bump friendly dress. Flowy fabrics and forgiving styles through the mid-section are ideal. Empire waist dresses are in style right now, finding a dress will be a breeze.

When sized correctly, any dress can really be a maternity dress. At least once a month, we work with a soon-to-be-mama and her dress has always worked out beautifully.

Taking all things into consideration, we really look at the following criteria.

  1. How far along will she be? A mama 12 weeks along will surely need less extra room than someone who is 20 weeks. We always go up, way up if needed. It’s much easier to take a dress down than it is to make a dress larger.
  2. Is this first baby or third? Someone who has experienced the joys of pregnancy might have an idea of how their body responds more than a first timer. If the wedding is postpartum, she may also know how much time her body needs to go back to pre-baby.

Surprises happen! What about when a dress was  already ordered? No worries. Most designers give s some seam allowance. All designers sell matching fabric and panels can be put in. A skilled seamstress can do this and no one will know special alterations were done to the dress.


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