Your Alterations Appointment

You bought your perfect dress (yay!) 

When you said “YES” your stylist helped you determine a size and told you what alterations you might be needing on your dress once it arrives.

Why do you need alterations?

Bridal and formal wear is not made “ready to wear” This means it will require tailoring (alterations) to get just the perfect fit. You searched all over for the perfect dress, alterations will ensure that it fits you like a glove.

Most brides need the following:

Hem- to ensure the perfect length with your shoes.

Bustle- you want to pull the train up for your dance.

Shoulders- if you have straps or sleeves, most of the time they will need shortened.

Cups- even though the boning in your dress gives you support, cups will help shape you.

Sides- a nip and tuck to make sure your dress fits snug to your curves


When should I schedule my appointment? 

Your first fitting will take place 6-8 weeks before your wedding. You will have at least one additional fitting in the meantime.The final fitting the week of or week before your wedding. Be sure to bring someone with you to this one, your seamstress will show them how to pull the bustle up on your dress.

What should I bring? 

Make sure to bring your shoes, undergarments and everything else that you will be wearing that day. It never hurts to get a little dolled up before. This will help you see how your wedding day will look once complete. We highly recommend this for your final fitting.



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