Say YES to your Vendors

With planning the perfect wedding comes certain expectations. It’s YOUR DAY after all! You get 1 wedding and you need a team of pros to pull it all off. The big question, how to pick the right team to work with?!

1. Follow your gut. You checked out their social media, their website and maybe even their client testimonials. Did you get {warm fuzzies} or {cold pricklies} ? Even a business that has the best reputation might not be the best choice if you don’t “hit it off” Communication is key- you have to work with someone you vibe with.


2. Are they in the budget? Even if you find the perfect {Dress, photographer, honeymoon destination} Can you make it work from a financial aspect? You may need to move other things around. Nothing is worse than 2 years of credit card debt.

3. Is your date available? If not, can you set an alternate? All the stars must align for your {DREAM TEAM} to come together

4. Do they offer a discount? Some vendors offer a discount on their products or services if you book during a show, pay in full or purchase more than one service. It never hurts to ask.


5. Stay within {budget}. No one likes that word. Wouldn’t it be nice if “money tree” was an item you could put on your registry? It’s not. Find out what you can afford and stick to it. You will be happy when you can have that new couch {table, mini-vacation, etc}. It will be so much better than that extra {FILL IN THE BLANK}

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