The end of the road

We are mid-season. Chances are your wedding might have already taken place or is going to very soon. For many, there comes a point of sheer exhaustion. What started out as a labor of love (literally) has now become just plain labor. DIY now stands for “Done involving yourself”.

Your maids hate their dresses. Your RSVP’s are coming in at a slow pace. You can’t decide on your first song- and no one shares your stress. Sure, your fiance cares that you are upset- but nothing they do seems to help. You want your mommy… but you are still spatting over the cake flavor. What’s a bride to do?

Stop. Just stop.

Stressed out

All of these things. The things that seem like the worlds biggest problems will soon be gone. Funny as it sounds, awful as it sounds- Try to embrace these issues. They are your stresses today and your memories tomorrow. There will come a time, that you will sit back and reflect on these times and simply laugh. You will think “I can’t believe I was so upset over centerpieces”. Sure, it is not a laughing matter today, but one day it will be.

If something is causing you so much stress, delegate. Chances are, you have people asking what they can do to help you- let them help you.

Yes, this is your wedding. Yes, you want everything to be perfect.

Sometimes, it’s not perfect. Life happens. Remember the end is in sight. You will have a wedding day. It will be the best day of your life. At the end of that day, you will be part of something much bigger. Bigger than RSVP’s, first dances, crabby maids or anything else. You will gain a family member- and become something much bigger.

As you sit reading this, you might be stressed to the max. Over it. Done with planning and ready for life after the wedding. That time will come soon enough. For now, silly as it seems- enjoy this time. It will come and go quicker than you could imagine.

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