When are you having a baby?

“So, when are you having a baby?”

How many times have you been asked this question?

If you are planning a wedding, recently married or engaged-the chances are pretty likely.

Eager friends and family members just can’t wait!

Maybe you have plans to start (or expand) your family right after the ceremony. Then again, maybe you just don’t know.  Below are our favorite answers to the popular question.

  • We already have one and she/he is perfect! (This works with a fur baby just the same)
  • Although it’s been fun trying, we aren’t really sure just yet.
  • What a great question… I wish we knew the answer!
  • At least 9 months from now.
  • Well I just married one, not sure if I want more yet.
  • As soon as we get through our student loans, we don’t want to pay for tuition and diapers at the same time.
  • We aren’t sure, what about you?
  • We might start trying in _____  years/months
  • For now, we are just going to enjoy being married. No one knows what the future holds.

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