Happy 4th! Holiday Weekend Reset

At least it’s a short work week this week (fist pump)

If you are human, chances are you may have overindulged a little bit this weekend. We did! Around here, a food baby is the sure sign of a good time. Darn you Pinterest.

Let’s de-bloat and get back on track! Feeling in control is the best.  Some of our favorite ways to get back on track and into the swing of things are below.

Plan it out. Got meetings? Need to get that cardio in? Write it down and schedule a time to do it. If you write it down, you are more likely to do it.

Drink water. Lots of it. Water cleans your system out and refreshes your body from the inside out. Flush out those toxins and refresh yourself. Don’t like it plain? Try adding cucumber or lemon to it.




Eat colorful! Fruits and veggies are pretty and are more filling that aunt Libby’s potato salad.

Sleep. Nothing will refresh your body more than to get a good nights rest. If you took an extended weekend camping or at the lake- spending some quality time in your bed will do wonders.

Tuesday is this weeks Monday- You got this!


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