What should I wear?!

Wedding season has as excited and dreamy eyed… Then arises a problem most people share during this most lovely time of the year… “What should I wear?!”

If you are the bride or a bridesmaid – you have it figured out (or so we hope)

If you are one of 50-300 people attending said wedding… you might be trying to figure it out.

From engagement to dress shopping to shower- it seems like forever is the amount of time before the actual wedding. Summer turns to Fall…turns to Winter…turns to Spring… Then it’s Memorial Day and the wedding is 6 weeks away!…. (entering freak out mode)

Behold our handy guide to shopping as a guest of (or mother of, or personal attendant of..etc) 

  1. Matching the wedding colors is a big no-no. “The colors are plum and gray…I’ll wear plum” No… just don’t. You are not the ink color on the invites or a bridesmaid. Don’t try to be. The key here is to compliment the colors- not to match the colors. Try navy, silver or even a soft pink. Steer away from anything too bold (neon color, clashing color) But please, do not try and match. Does emerald suit you? Go with it!
  2. Go shopping with an open mind. The task set before you might be challenging… Don’t make it harder. If you walk into a store and say ” I want sleeves, a long dress, with lace… and a sash” – you are limiting yourself. Try things on, you never know. The ugliest most un-attractive dress on the rack might look AMAZING on. You never know. Trust your sales-person. After all, it’s their job to find you something to wear.
  3. Unless it’s your wedding. Do not… DO NOT- wear white, ivory or champagne. You have 364 other days to be the center of attention. Give this one up.
  4. Quoting one of ours, “…avoid the 3 b’s... no booty, no belly, no boobs…” enough said.
  5. Go fancy! The average person dresses up once every 2 years. Make this event special You are at the wedding because you are special to the couple, it is their special day- Go BIG! Everyone likes dressing up (once in a while) It doesn’t happen that often. Take advantage. (Get that pedi, buy the shoes, splurge on the dress- it’s okay)
  6. Despite what you think, you are gorgeous. Your arms are not fat– neither is your belly. This day is not about YOU. It’s about the bride and the groom and their love. As much as you are concentrating on your imperfections (or the lack thereof) Despite what you think: The focus will not be on you. It will be on the couple getting married and the energy of the day.
  7. Just be comfortable. Find something that fits- something that you feel good in. If you feel comfortable and beautiful, you will enjoy the day more.Your positive energy will flow into the day.

The day will come and go quicker than the engagement. Enjoy the time and being able to witness a milestone in a loved ones life.

Let go of insecurity, preconceived notions – and the idea that your attire will be remembered.

Now, with that wedding coming so quickly, it’s time to start shopping!

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