Buying Suits is better… or is it?

Rather than renting menswear for your wedding, your considering just purchasing suits. It’s cheaper and everyone can use a suit… right? Not necessarily.

This popular thinking is very popular among couples right now. For some weddings, this is a great choice. For most though, rentals are a better idea. You are given a better product at a lesser price.

Weighing out the pros and cons of purchasing versus renting is so important before making your decision.

Myth: Suits are cheaper.

Reality: Suits are the purchase of a jacket and pant (sometimes a vest).  Yes,  those two pieces might carry a minimal cost. Ask yourself this..

Are the gentleman in your party going sans shirts, shoes and accessory?

We hope not! Along with the purchase of a suit comes the rental or purchase of a shirt, vest and tie, shoe, cuff-links  and pocket square. Shoes also need to be considered. Not everyone will have an acceptable pair of shoes at hand. Purchasing or even just renting these items will add up quickly.

Also, suits require alterations to obtain ideal fit. Not only does this add to the budget. It requires time and an appointment.

Myth: Everyone can use a suit.

Reality: Not everyone can actually use a suit. Today, most professional jobs only require “business casual”. Most people do not wear suits to work. As far as other social events go, the average person only attends a formal event every 2 years. Most formal events are also “business casual”…

If you are thinking they can wear it in another wedding, think again. Each designer has a unique fabric, fit and lapel style. Even thought you have impeccable taste..the selection for your big day will likely not be the same as someone else. 

Myth: Rentals are so expensive

Reality: Most full service stores offer a free groom and discounts of up to $50 off each additional rental. The savings, especially during bridal shows and peak booking season can be amazing. You can easily gain leverage with a large wedding party.

Myth: Buying gets you a better product.

Reality: Renting gets you a better product. A typical rental coat and pant would retail for $500-$800. They are made from fine fabrics, high thread count wool (meaning a soft feel) and have a designer name brand behind them. The typical suit is purchased for around $100. The suit is $100 suit. They are polyester, imported from China and have no designer or brand name to stand behind them. It’s nice for day use or for a guest to wear to your wedding. Next to your bridal gown, your perfect dress- it might look a little cheap.

Myth: At least we can try a suit on…

Reality: Your full service store will offer a complete try on for you before you make your final decision. If you are on the fence about accessory items or unsure of fit. You can try it on.



Even though it’s popular right now, and might seem like a good idea- consider your options before making your final decision to purchase suits. It’s your wedding day- your wedding photographs. The average bridal gown costs $1589 .. what would it look best next to?

Rentals get a bad rep sometimes. Today, styles are different than they were when you went to prom. Found something on Pinterest? Rent it. It will complete the other half to your perfect wedding look.



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