Prom Trends 2016

Prom season is in full swing and we couldn’t be more thrilled! The dresses seem to get prettier every year. With each new shipment, we can’t help but wish we were going to  prom!

Although they are unique in their own way, we are seeing some underlying trends across the 2016 collection.

  • Sequins. Nothing will create more “oh” and “awe” at grand march then the almost alive effect that a full sequin dress will create.
  • Two Piece. Tastefully done, our designers are creating styles that show just the very top of the mid-driff. No worries here for the modest parent.
  • Floral Print. A few pieces from the 2016 collection feature a floral pattern on them. We are forecasting this as a dominate style trend for 2017. This will likely translate onto bridesmaid and social occasion styles as well.
  • High neck-low back. We are even seeing an almost collar effect with some of the pieces. Most of the time, if the neckline is high- the back-line is low. The mix creates the perfect balance.
  • Aztec inspiration. From beading patterns to prints, we are seeing Aztec inspired themes on many styles.


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