Healthy You: Back on Track!

Now that the holidays are completely over, 2016 is in full force. It’s time to get motivated and be the best version of you!

Easier said than done, right? Wrong.

Follow our simple steps below and watch your self control return and those extra holiday pounds fall away as quickly as they came on.

Increase you fiber and protein intake. You hear this all the time, and for good reason. Fiber and protein keep you fuller longer. Also, a high fiber and protein mixture will typically be found in healthier eating choices.

Eat when your hungry, not because you are bored. This is something so obvious but so hard. Food tastes good, especially the bad for you stuff. It’s instant gratification and something to “do” while you are sitting on the couch watch T.V. Trade the pretzels for some herbal tea. It still has flavor and keeps your hands busy.


You have to move more. Join a Fitbit challenge, take the stairs, park further away- do what you have to. Moving burns calories- calories are what you need to burn to lose weight.

Try to make muscle. Muscle burns fat- it looks better too. The easiest way to do this is by lifting weights. If the gym isn’t your thing, try doing body weight exercises from home. Push-ups, lunges, dips and squats can all be done in your living room.

Get motivated. Sites like Pinterest or Instagram  are full images that will get you motivated. Maybe it’s a tropical beach that will remind you of summer, a photo of your wedding gown or simply a quote. Find out what gets you going.

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