12 Days of Christmas Giveaways!

Holidays are the BEST! Decadent food, family time, and PRESENTS!

We are about to start our 2nd annual “12 Days of Christmas”. Each day for 12 days in a row, we are giving you presents.

It’s so easy to nab yourself something fancy from us, just follow our social media (we know you already do) 

We know you “like” us on Facebook and follow our #dailysparkle posts on Instagram but since you also subscribe to our blog, you get some extra info. You get to find out what presents we are giving away before anyone else!

The fun starts tomorrow (Dec.14th) and ends on Christmas Eve. Each gift we are giving is awesome!

Day 1: Sequin Boho Chic:  A Cocktail Dress (Yes, you read that correct A DRESS- value $75)

Day 2: Gorgeous Earrings

Day 3: Multiple winners will receive dressy socks

Day 4: Boho Rose Gold Headband

Day 5: SQUEEM – Shapewear (Value $65)


Day 6: Pink Hairband

Day 7: Sparkly Earrings

Day 8: Blue Cage Dress : Sassy cocktail number for NYE, (value $75) Warning this dress will turn heads!

Day 9: A Gorgeous Necklace


Day 10: Multiple Winners will receive a Boho Headwrap

Day 11: Earrings fit for a Party

Day 12: You pick the gift- $50 Gift Certificate to our Store

You will only win if you try! Start checking Facebook and Instagram tomorrow to  see the daily photos.

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