Healthy You: Cookie Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, the holidays. Family and friends are almost always accompanied by cookies, treats and other “Pinterest” recipes. Although they taste good at the time, these seemingly  unavoidable foods will stay with us long past the holidays if we are not careful.

The struggle is real.

We may or may not be quite the cookie connoisseurs ourselves and have figured out these little tips to help us through this tough time.

1.Friends Share

So the treat platter has 6 different selections to choose from, how will you ever decide? The answer is easy: Pick them all. Get enough to SHARE. That’s right, put all the selections on one plate and bring them back to your table. Try each one out without committing to the entire portion.
2.Stay active
Cookies+ Sit= More to cuddle
Cookies+ Go to the gym= Same amount to cuddle and the joy of cookies
Think of it this way, you can easily burn 100 or so calories doing the following. Running 1 mile, 10 minutes of elliptical work, 1 hour of yoga, or 30 minutes of weight lifting. Commit to being active a few times a week and you are paving the way for success.

3.Search for Healthy

Another way to avoid carrying those treats into 2016 is to simply make them healthier. Instead of searching “Holiday Cookies” on Pinterest, try “Healthy Holiday Cookies” – the possibilities are endless. Who knew flaxseed vegan dough balls could look so pretty?
 4.Just avoid it
Just kidding!
 If you read that and considered it, we are amazed. To us, this is not possible. You are stronger than we are.
At the end of the day, we are human and we have a sweet tooth. Cookies and other holiday treats are a part of life and we choose to embrace it. Enjoy this holiday season! It only comes once a year.

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