Miss.B.Perfect-Affair: Is it too soon?

Miss. B. Perfect-Affair is our resident wedding expert. Each month, she answers all your etiquette questions. Planning a wedding would be impossible without ruffling a few feathers. Have a question for her? Comment to the post below and she will surely answer. 

Dear Miss. B. Perfect-Affair,

I am engaged and planning a June 18th wedding next Summer. I know there is a suggested time frame of 6 months for ordering dresses and such…. With that being said, I feel like that is much too close to the wedding. I’m a planner. I already have started shopping and how found some dresses I want. Is it too soon to order? 


Dear Is-it-too-soon,

It is never too soon to order. Most bridal fashion is timeless and styles don’t vary too much from one season to the next. In fact, the sooner you can cross dresses off your long list, the better. Your bridal attire is one of the first items you should shop for. The styling of your gowns really help shape the look of the entire day. So, the answer is simple; no. Order away.

Best wishes and good luck,

Miss. B. Perfect-Affair


Dear Miss. B. Perfect-Affair,

My fiance refuses to wear a jacket at our wedding. I understand he wants to keep a relaxed look and is all concerned about cost. My wedding is in a church and I have an understated, but stunning ballgown. I don’t feel his casual attire matches my wedding day vision.




You poor girl. He has some good reasons for wanting to nix the coat on his attire, however, he may be a little misinformed. First of all, the menswear in your wedding should compliment the ladies. In a church setting with a gorgeous ballgown, a jacket should be worn- at least for the ceremony. Most churches have air conditioning and most modern ceremonies take less than 30 minutes.

As for cost, most of the time the groom is given his rental for free. Also, just removing the jacket from the rental package usually doesn’t remove much of the cost. Many times, the discounts and special sales for rentals are only valid on full suits or tuxedos.

I would advise you to chat with him about all the options and see your local bridal or formal wear store.

Good luck with everything,

Miss.B. Perfect-Affair

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