Say YES to your undergarments!

For the most part, the garments you wear underneath your wedding gown are anything but sexy. Save your scandalous lingerie for the honeymoon ladies. We have broken down the basics below.

Spanx- aka a girl’s best friend

They go all the way up to where your under-wire would be and all the way down to just above your knee. Not only do these provide some much needed shaping for your midsection, they are can aid in chaffing prevention. If you invest in the real deal (not the ones sold at Target) they will also not roll down or cut into your legs.


Bra Cups

These are essential. Who wants to deal with straps or a bra band that won’t stay put? These are simply a molded bra without the straps or band. Your seamstress or alterations person will just sew them right into your gown. Most bridal gowns have enough structure and support within them, these just provide a little shaping.


Hoop Skirt or Crinoline

Either of these items will serve two purposes. First of all, they add a little extra volume to the skirt of your gown. Secondly, they help keep your skirt off your legs.

hoop hoop2


Although this lovely little accessory item is seemingly intended for use under your dress, there is no real need to actually wear it. If you are auctioning, selling or otherwise interacting with this garment: do not wear it all day. It will get sweaty.


Other odds and ends

Just because your dress is backless or charmuese doesn’t mean there isn’t undergarments for you. Where there is will, there is a way. Here are some of the newest products available.

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