De-stress with Yoga

We know wedding planning is stressful. If soaking in the tub and wine aren’t doing the trick, try some yoga.

Yoga is a one of the oldest and best stress relievers for your body.

It’s not only good for stress relief, it’s also a low impact form of exercise that is good for your mind too.

Below our some of our favorite poses:

Child’s Pose

Like a child, this pose puts you in a fetal position. It relaxes every part of your body – releasing tension especially in the lower back.

child pose

Mountain Pose

This balance pose helps to work on concentration. It brings your attention to the present. Thinking of the past can be depressing, thinking of the future can make you anxious. Being and living in the present is the way to go.

Tree pose

Downward Dog

Similar to child’s pose, downward dog releases tension over your entire body.

Down Dog

Corpse Pose

Just like the name sounds, you simply lay on your back with arms at your sides. Focus on deep breathing as you release stress through your fingertips.

Corpse Pose

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