On Point: Menswear Trends

A scratchy black tuxedo is no longer the norm when it comes to today’s menswear. The modern groom wants to look and feel as amazing in his wedding day frocks.

We have started to see a shift in the formal menswear industry, especially in 2015.  It’s really become all about individuality and is very personality focused.

Narrow shawl lapels are replacing the once thick satin styles that are reminiscent of the high school prom.

Other than traditional black, white or ivory; today’s groom has a full spectrum of colors to choose from. Navy is gaining popularity. We are seeing shades of gray every weekend.

Not everyone wants a colorful vest to match the wedding color scheme. Suspenders, fabric vests and even cummerbunds are among the new selections. Designers are really providing so many choices. Every groom can truly create a custom look.

Modern day menswear is all about the fit. Today’s groom wants the convenience of a rental but the fit of a tailor-made suit. Designers are responding to this request. There are now three available “fits” to ensure the best look.

Today’s groom has so many more choices when it comes to his wedding day attire. Gone are the days when the only personal touch to his get up was the vest color.

The more you know:

Did you know that Affairs by Brittany provides each groom with a try on? He is actually able to see and try on a sample of his exact wedding day look.


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