Alternative Bachelorette Party Ideas

Jumping on the old party bus and bar hopping not your idea of a good time? You are not alone.  We have come up with some alternative bachelorette party ideas for you to celebrate with your girls before “I do”

How about a lake day? 

Day drinking or sober, who doesn’t love a day at the lake! Relax and get some sun with your favorite ladies. End the day with an all out buffet of your favorite summer food and Smores’s.

Go to the Races!

Horses or cars: who doesn’t love the thrill of a good race? It’s an event that everyone can attend and dress up for. You’ll surely attract (the good kind) attention.

What about a girly spa day? 

Manicures, pedicures and even a blowout are all affordable fun ways to glam up with the girls pre-wedding. Relaxation is key for wedding planning.

A grown up tea party

Gather the girls for finger sandwiches, scones and muffins. Most coffee shops have an area for informal parties and gatherings. Who doesn’t want to drink tea out of a fancy cup? Pinkie’s up!

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