Mother of the Wedding: No, your arms are not fat.

As a “Mother of the Wedding” it can be hard to find just the perfect dress. Below are our top tips to make your shopping experience a little easier. 

1. No, your arms are not fat. 

Neither is your belly and your legs are fine. We love you just the way you are and really wish you weren’t so hard on yourself. Confidence is admirable. Rock what you got.

2. It’s okay to wear black. 

It is 2015, not 1950. Wearing black is totally acceptable and very classy. Black is a neutral and will match most wedding color schemes. Many designers cut dresses for the “Mother of” in black for a reason- It’s a good idea.

3. You can wear short or long- it doesn’t matter what the “other Mom” is wearing. 

You don’t need to match what the “other Mom” is wearing. Length is not important anymore. Short dresses are formal and long dresses can be casual. You are not twins and do not need to match.

4. I’m going to wear beige and keep quiet. 

Why? Beige doesn’t look nice on most women, it’s a tough color to wear. This day is special to you and your whole family. Rock a color that compliments you, even if it’s black.

5. The wedding isn’t for 2 months, I have time to shop around. 

No, you don’t. Special orders can take up to 6 months. When you find the dress, buy the dress. Why do you think you should wait?

6. This would look nice if I lost 30 lbs. 

It looks nice now. If you happen to lose the weight, alterations can be done.

7. But my arms.

Seriously, quit with the “fat arms”. You are a gorgeous lady who is loved. No one is looking at your arms thinking they are “fat”. They are looking at the bride. When they see you, they are seeing a wonderful women who is celebrating the marriage of her child.

We love our “Mothers of the wedding” Happy Shopping!

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