Top reasons why we LOVE MOM

With Mother’s Day right around the corner we are reminded of all the reasons why we love Mom. Although the list we compiled was endless, here are our top picks.

She always listens.

Even when she is busy, even when we have nothing to say- she listens.

She loves us unconditionally.

When we were little (and even know we sometimes now) things happen. We do things, say things and no matter what- she still loves us.

She is our best friend.

She knows all our secrets and everything about us inside and out. No matter the situation, we can always talk to her.

 She is there for us.

Even when our friends have bailed and we feel so alone, she will be the one person who is always there.

She is family.

Family is truly a gift and having her is truly a blessing.

Don’t forget about Mom this weekend. Make sure you do something special for her. Remember, without her you wouldn’t be here.

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