Embarrassing Prom Trends from the Past

Prom is upon us. Every year the dresses get prettier and the stakes are higher to have ‘THE DRESS’ the whole school is talking about. But at what cost? Cool today, embarrassing years after high school.

Like all other fashion trends, there are certain ones we are happy to see go. Below we have listed some prom trends that we are embarrassed to ever have thought were cool.

Did someone tell them the bigger their sleeves were the smaller their waists look? Seriously though, were these even comfortable?

Bows. In un-flattering places. All presents should come wrapped with a bow, but if these dresses were gifts- we would return them.

Too much. Way to much. Where were these girls parents? Those who attended these grand march’s must have felt uncomfortable.

No words but had to share.

Happy Friday!

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