Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs: Help!? I found the one but Mom doesn’t approve…

Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs answers all your wedding etiquette questions. Each week features a new question and answer. Have an etiquette question of your own? Leave a comment and your question will be answered.

Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs,

Not sure what to do here… I have found “the one”. A beautiful slim fitting gown with a halter neckline and short train. This gown is perfect for my beach wedding this summer. One problem… My mother does not approve. She thinks I should have the typical “princess ballgown” style . My fiance and I are paying for the wedding and this gown also fits our tight budget. How can I get my dream dress and my mothers approval?



Dear Seeking-mothers-approval,

Your situation is not an easy one. Invite your mother to lunch or set up a time to visit with her. Make sure she understands your concern for her feelings about your gown. Explain to her that although a ballgown may be perfect for some brides, for you- this gown is perfect. It fits your wedding day vision, your style, and your budget. Communicate in a positive way to her that you truly want her approval on your wedding day style. After all, it’s your big day and you want to feel incredible.


Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs

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