Buy Suits or Rent Tuxes?

The question so many modern grooms are asking.  Should we rent tuxes? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to buy a suit? 

There are pros and cons to both options. At the end of the day, there is no right and wrong- each wedding party is completely unique and so is their formalwear choice.

Renting Tuxedos:

This is the most common option, and for good reason. First of all, it’s easy. You select the attire and the guys just go and get sized. Tuxes come in the week of the wedding and everyone can just pick them up. After the wedding is over, they can simply be dropped back off. No cleaning, no fuss- nothing to keep track of. Also, many times there are attractive rental discounts where a couple can get free rentals and save up to $40 off each rental.

Buying Suits:

This option is rapidly gaining popularity among couples. Who wouldn’t want a nice new suit? Many times the gentleman in your party can purchase a brand new jacket and pants for around $160 and sometimes less. This is perfect for the casual groom who wears suits to work or gets dressed up regularly. For weddings where this isn’t the case, the new suit will likely spend much of it’s time hanging in the back of a closet. Don’t forget tailoring and accessory items are extra.

Renting Suits:

This is a happy medium. The gentleman have all the benefits of renting (discounts, freebies, ease of picking up and dropping off). They don’t need to worry about getting to a tailor finding and paying for accessory’s. Many times, the rental suits are of higher quality than their “for purchase” counterparts. They will fit better and look nicer in photographs.


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