Planning a wedding: by THIS Summer

First of all, Congrats!

Maybe you just got your ring or maybe you just started the planning process. Who says you need a whole year or more to plan your perfect wedding? Follow our tips for planning a wedding in less than 6 months.

1. First things first: Venue and Reception Site

Besides your beloved groom-to-be these are two things you absolutely need to host a wedding celebration.  Call around and check availability. Keep an open mind, a Friday night celebration or even Sunday wedding might get you your dream venue. Other days of sometimes are less expensive.  Your reception venue will either cater in-house or have a list ready for you to select from. Keep it simple.

2. Next comes the dress!

You don’t need weeks of endless shopping to find your perfect gown. As most designers require 6-9 months for delivery, you will most likely be shopping for a gown off the rack. Some stores carry expedited shipping dresses as well. Both options will give you more than enough to chose from. An off the rack gown sometimes will save you money. Your perfect accessories will surely be available at the boutique you find your dress at. Make sure to shop full service so an alterations person will be available.

3. Don’t forget the bridal party

Nearly all bridesmaids designers offer “rush” shipping on their dresses. For a small fee, they will put your order ahead of others to ensure a faster delivery. You still have all the selection you would even if your wedding was a year away. Make sure your besties understand the importance of getting their sizes and deposits in ASAP.

No matter if you are renting tuxes or purchasing suits: menswear only requires about 6 weeks. Just get in touch with the men in your party and make sure they know what sizes are needed and where to go. Out of town gentleman may phone in sizes for convenience.

4. The last of the major elements

You have your venue, your perfect dress and the attendants outfits ready to go. Now it’s time to focus on the rest. Contact entertainment, a florist, a photographer and shop for invites. Secure your deposits and set up meetings to figure out details later. Get those invites mailed at least 6-8 weeks before you say “I do”.

5. Decorations and the details

So much time can be spent on the small stuff. After your major plans are made, you can focus on the little details. Don’t stress over the small stuff- you don’t need everything from your Pinterest board. At the end of the day, you will be married: Mission Accomplished

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