Your Engaged: Shopping tips for Wedding Fashion

Your engaged! Congratulations, you are about to begin a great lifetime experience: Planning your wedding. You must have a crazy mix of emotions going on right now, not to worry though- just take a deep breath and relax.  This is going to be a blast! With the exception of your fantastic fiancée one of the most important factors of your wedding planning experience will be the fashion. Ever since you were a little girl, you have been picturing exactly what you want to wear, your color scheme, and who your maid of honor will be, Right? For some: Absolutely! For others: Not so much.  Don’t worry though,   below are some guidelines to use in shopping for your wedding fashion:

“The One”

This is one of the first purchases you should make in your wedding planning; it sets the tone for the whole event. With a minimum of 6 months before and never being too soon, start getting ideas! Although buying an in-store gown is always an option, order times can and will take up to 16 weeks.

Get Inspired:

Look in magazines,  on websites, and at bridal fashion shows to start getting ideas of how you want to look and feel on your big day. Soft and Romantic? Preppy chic? Modern and Sexy? Gowns, just like the brides who wear them, have their own unique personalities.

Time to go Shopping!

Weather you walk in or make an appointment, make sure you are prepared. Bring with you the following:

1. A strapless bra, nude panties or shape wear, and heels.

2. 2-3 trusty people from your family or wedding party to give you opinions and to share in the experience.

3. An idea of your budget, you do not want to fall in love with “the one” if it is out of your price point.

4. An open mind. Trust your consultant, she know what she is doing. Different materials, styles, and shapes look so different on a bride than on a hanger. She knows the inventory and might have just the right thing in mind for you.

Your Glam Squad:

Once you have purchased your wedding gown, it’s time to shop for your girls! Bridesmaid delivery time can take up to 6 months.  Your girls will need to be sized and have their deposits in place before an order will be placed

A few Pointers:

1. Your consultant may have just the perfect complimenting style in mind for you. Ask their opinion, this is what they do.

2. If you have a larger bridal party, it might be best to bring 2-3 girls for starters. Pick out a couple styles to have everyone look at. Within a large bridal party, it is sometimes hard to get everyone to agree on 1 style. Everyone has different opinions on fashion and it might simplify the process.

3. A-line, styles with higher waist lines, and ruching are most flattering on all body styles. Everyone will enjoy your special day even more if they are looking their best.

The Gents:
Tuxedo and suit styles can be selected at any point up to 2 months before the wedding. At this point it is ideal to have all the sizing information and the final order placed. Many times, the groom will have a free rental = Bonus!

A few pointers:

1. Tuxedo vest and tie selections are easily matched with your bridesmaid swatch make sure you have yours with you.

2. Sizing takes only a couple minutes to do; gentleman can email sizes if they are from out of town. This happens to be the case in many weddings.

3. A two button jacket is by far the most flattering on many body types. Same as the ladies, if everyone is looking their best, they will enjoy your special day even more. Your consultant should be able to help determine the best rental selections for your wedding party to ensure the best fit all around.

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