Were Thankful for YOU!

Happy Thanksgiving!

With Thanksgiving just days away, we are reminded of all the things we have to Give Thanks for. Although our list is endless, below are our top 5.

5. Good Friends and Family: Watching the love and support given to the couples we are so lucky to help is amazing. There is something about the looks given and received by loved ones that make a wedding celebration that much more special.

4. Love: Without love, we would not be here. Because of the love two people share for each other, we are able to have the location and selection available to help our customers select their perfect wedding attire.

3. Weekends: We are thankful for weekends. Weekends allow time for family and friends to get together and make memories.

2. Learning: Without the ability to learn we would not have all the pretties we do. Someone took the time to learn how to create the gorgeous designs that are available to us.


1. YOU: The item that tops our list is you! Without all of our customers we would not be here. We truly appreciate each and every person we have the honor to work with. It means the world to us that we are trusted with your special events. Thank you!

We will be closed Thanksgiving to celebrate the holiday with our family. We will re-open on Friday at 10am with some extra special sales! 


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