Our Top 5 Ways to Stay Cozy

The cold is here! Long gone are the late sunsets, humid afternoons and sundresses. The recent cold snap we are experiencing has us thinking about our favorite ways to stay cozy. Here are our top 5 picks:

1. Cuddle- Grab your significant other, puppy or other willing participant and cuddle up. Body heat is the best heat (and it’s free)

2. Sip cocoa (or wine) by the fire- Fireplace or not, sipping these somehow makes the coldest of days just a little warmer

3. Wrap up in a blanket and dive into a good movie- Weather it’s ABC Family’s 25 days of Christmas or HGTV, a blanket and a good watch are always the way to go.

4. Fleece lined anything- Need we say more?

5. Bake- We are almost certain that sugary treats warm the soul. Pair this activity with number #2 for an almost certain euphoria.


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