First comes the Snow, then comes the cookies: Tips to stay on track

Yes. The lovely white stuff that, despite the warmish temps today has lingered around just enough to makes it’s presence known.

Snow is a reminder of whats to come: Time with family and the upcoming Holiday Season. There are always 3 major things every Holiday celebration has in common.

1. Family and/or Friends

2. A large amount of indulgent food paired with cocktails

3. Cold weather that makes us want to cuddle up instead of move around


So, with the impending celebrations- What is your plan to stay on track?

We all know that you want to look (and feel) amazing at your upcoming wedding (or upcoming honeymoon). Holiday bloat and overindulgence are a surefire way to feel not-so-hot. Below are some ways to stay on track and still enjoy yourself these next couple months.

1. Indulge- Just a little bit, a cookie or cocktail won’t hurt you. You don’t want to completely deprive yourself from all the sweet treats readily available to you. Treating yourself to a small amount will not only allow you a little taste of the season, it will prove your self restraint. This will make you feel more in control, thus boosting your confidence.


2. Drink Water, and plenty of it. Water is the best things for your body. It aides in digestion, detoxes naturally and also helps with hunger. Before every large meal and especially after every cocktail, drink at least 8 oz of water. Your gut and your lbd will thank you.


3. Get out and move. Cold weather is no excuse to pack on the pounds. There are plenty of activities you can do once the white stuff falls. Go sledding, skiing or even for a run! If you are more of an indoor person, try a video or simply power shop around the mall.

4. Join a challenge of some sort. Many nutrition clubs and gyms do weight loss challenges during the holiday season. These not only hold you accountable, but make maintenance a group effort. Support in numbers goes a long way.

5. Technology is your friend. There are numerous apps out there all designed to keep you on track. Try “My Fitness Pal” or “Fitbit”. Even the new IPhone comes equip with something called “Health” that tracks for you.


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