Sexy You: Boudoir Shoots and Pinup on the Plains 2014

With Pinup on the Plains being tomorrow night already, we can hardly contain our excitement!




Imagine this:  You and your besties, dressed to the nines paired with live entertainment, wine and dessert- Does it get much better? Don’t forget about the gorgeous weather (perfect for those short cocktail dresses)


This will be the 5th Pinup event that Affairs has been a part of. We look forward to the event every year. Besides the live entertainment, positive vibes and wine -the display of boudoir photographs is really my favorite. It’s so fun to see women of all shapes and sizes looking their best.

The event makes me think of my boudoir experience. It was one of the most memorable days from last Summer. I walked out of Yvonne’s studio feeling the most beautiful that I had ever felt. Did I mention it was a Monday afternoon?


Going in, I was a little nervous. Who wouldn’t be? I wasn’t sure I had the right outfit picked out. I was worried about my cellulite, and of course the belly. I wasn’t sure that I would actually feel comfortable once we got started.

Not even 10 minutes into my session, every ounce of worry and all my “what if’s” disappeared. Yvonne completely put me at ease.

After getting totally beautified (lashes and all) by Miss Shayla Elise (and a little moscato)  It was time to get dressed.

I walked into the cute dressing area and read the notes written by some of the ladies who had been in my position before, I was ready to experience what they had.  It was go time.

Our session seemed to fly by! I even peeked at a couple shots on the back of the camera.. Who was that women? I looked gorgeous!  I couldn’t wait for my viewing, I knew my photos would be AMAZING!

After careful selection, it was a process. (They were all so good!) I found just the perfect shots to share with my husband on our wedding day.

The book was given to him the night before our September wedding. He was floored. It added to the excitement and anticipation of the day. I’m so happy I decided to have the experience and share my photos with him.


Many of you might be getting married, some of you are already. Even for all you single ladies. If you have ever considered it, go for it.

With the holiday’s around the corner, a shoot is the perfect gift for your special someone- or even for YOU.

For those of you who were able to get a ticket for tomorrow night’s event, stop by and say Hi to us. We’ll be on the top floor showcasing our new social occasion collection.

We will also be giving away $100 CASH again! (still our Birthday)

Also, one lucky lady will be winning a certificate for a social occasion dress! This is one of the two door prizes up for grabs at the end of the night.


Brittany Z.

Affairs by Brittany

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