Preparing for Chicago, the top items on our shopping list

We are so excited! Later this week, we will be in Chicago at National Bridal Market. Twice a year the industry’s best designers all come together in one place for 3 magical days!

This is where we find all that sparkles, and keep updated on the newest trends.

What can you expect to see? Below are the top items on our shopping list:

1. Gorgeous maids gowns that are less expensive AND have faster shipping times. In addition to the 10% incentive Affairs’ brides receive with the purchase of their gowns, we want to offer an even better customer experience.

2. Social Occasion for all ages. Women of all ages have special events that require special dresses. We are expanding our selection of dresses to include MORE Mother of, off the rack and party gowns.

3. More wedding gowns at lower price points. We understand that every bride has a different budget. For 2015, you will see an expanded selection of bridal gowns at lower prices. Our customers can save a little money while not compromising fit or style.

4. Prom Prom Prom. Thank you for helping make 2014 the most successful prom season yet! For 2015 we will be offering more sparkle, more dresses and more designers! As always, we will continue to maintain a dress registry to ensure no girl shows up in the same dress.


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