Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs: Five shades of grey and Maybe Baby?

Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs is our resident wedding etiquette expert. It’s nearly impossible to make it through planning without some feathers being ruffled….Have a question about anything planning related? Write in or comment below. 

Miss. B-

We set our date for May of next year. I want a really eclectic look to my wedding party. What are some ways to accomplish this without my five bridesmaids looking tacky or too casual for the occasion? I was thinking about just letting them go out and pick dresses. We are using a light grey color pallate. What re your thoughts? 

Thank you in advance for your help,


Dear 5-Shades-

Kudos to you for stepping outside the box with your bridal fashion. Done correctly, your 5 maids will complete your vision. There are a few things to consider though.

First of all, the theory of letting them go select a dress on their own time is nice. However, in reality-  even 5 pretty grey dresses singly may look terrible as part of a group. They also may not fit your vision and taste preferences. You can still have happy maids even if you help with their dress selections. Why not set up an appointment with your girls at the local bridal shop? You can see, touch and feel the samples. Not only will you have a fun girls day, but you can see how everything will look together.

Another thing to consider is fabric. A mix of chiffon, lace and even some silk inspired fabrics would blend nicely together. Using multiple fabrics will add the texture and dimension to your bridal party that is the foundation of your eclectic vision.

Make sure to actually see the colors before ordering. Even if the shop doesn’t have a full sample to see, they should have a swatch. This way you can ensure that your colors will flow together nicely. Grey’s are a complicated color in terms of variance. You still want a cohesive look to your group.

I’m confident that your eclectic wedding vision will come full circle for you.

Best of luck planning,

Miss. B.

Miss B, I have a dilemma! My maid of honor (who was recently married) is “trying”. I love her very much, but is her maybe baby bump going to cramp my style? What are some ideas and options? Although I couldn’t imagine not having her there, should she step down?



Dear No-Maybe-Baby,

Embrace the bump! Rest assured, baby or not – your maid of honor will be able to look just as gorgeous as the rest of your bridesmaids.

There are so many cute maternity bridesmaids right now. Most designers have an option or two that come in maternity sizing. Many of them are the same exact dress, just cut for baby.


Miss B.


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