Many Thanks, Congrats – and a goodbye to Summer…


Just in case anyone was wondering, yes Summer is done – Fall is here! The chilly weather this morning can serve a the perfect reminder.

Time for boots, scarves and pumpkin everything.

As August has abruptly come to a close, we just wanted to express our appreciation to all the couples who let us share in their perfect wedding days over the past month. We are so thankful to have been able to have be a part of your planning experience.

Brianna + Lane ❤ Sharon + Gary ❤ Jackie + Brady ❤ Katelynn + Derek ❤

Scott + Lindsay ❤   Natasha + Nick ❤ Keriea + Cory ❤ Amy + Joe ❤

Katrina + Max ❤ Tiffany + Jason ❤ Jenny + Matt ❤ Krista + Shane ❤

Bride Jordaan ❤ Bride Lisa ❤ Bride Anna ❤ Bride Katie ❤ Bride Kaci ❤

Bride Sarah ❤ Bride Megan ❤ Bride Kayla ❤ Bride Erica ❤ Bride Lindsay ❤


Cheers (pumpkin latte in hand) to a lifetime of love, happiness and all that is good.



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