In-store soon! Recap from Magic Market

A few weeks ago, we asked what you would like us to have in-store. Just last week, we visited our first market. Boy, did we find some awesome things!

In the coming weeks and months, you will start to see these items and more (we will keep you posted)

Suits are in high demand. Although tuxedo rentals offer so many nice options for customizing and such: sometimes you just need a suit. Starting next month, we will be offering men’s suits. Options will be available in black, brown, tan, grey, navy and more! Available singly or for entire wedding parties. We didn’t forget about the accessories.

Another item on your want list was more MOB options. We heard you and found some great selections. First shipment will be in-store at the end of next month. These stylish dresses are anything but matronly.

Every dress looks better with a little sparkle, right? Starting soon, we will have a more affordable and quicker shipping sashes and belts. Available in so many different colors these will compliment your maids, moms and even flower girls. From the same company, we also ordered some very pretty headbands.

Other items not featured here include more affordable maids, social occasion and a brand new bridal line! As our new items start to arrive, you will be the first to know!

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