Give-a-way time! Win a $25 Gift Certificate!

We want to hear from you! 

Soon, we will be headed to market! Such an exciting time for us (and you too)

We want to know though, what should we be searching for? Is there something that our boutique is missing? Have you shopped our store for something specific that we didn’t have?

Let us know and you might win a $25 gift certificate! 

Maybe it’s affordable social occasion?

Crazy wedding party socks?

Men’s suits?

A larger selection of Mother’s dresses?


You tell us! We are here to help YOU. To better your experience, we need your opinions. Leave your thoughts (we LOVE constructive criticism) in the comments area to win!

2 thoughts on “Give-a-way time! Win a $25 Gift Certificate!

  1. I would love to see more camo things. Camo dresses and garters. Not the army camo but like the mossy oak to match the mens vests. More affordable bridesmaid and party dresses.

  2. would love to see some junior bridesmaid options. I know that many bridesmaid dresses come in junior bridesmaid, but it may be nice to see how they actually look on the little ones in our bridal party before purchasing. 🙂

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