Anniversary Gifts: Traditional v. Modern

Wedding season is upon us, this also means we are in the midst of anniversary season. Maybe you got married recently or you have a friend or family member that is celebrating. What kind of gift do you get that special couple or your better half?

No matter if you are traditional or modern, check out the below ideas before your start your shopping.


Year 1 – The first milestone anniversary! 

Traditional: Paper

Modern: Clock

Year 2- Still so much fun!

Traditional: Cotton

Modern: China

Year 3- The romance and newness might have faded, but 3 is a lucky number!

Traditional: Leather

Modern: Crystal/Glass

Year 4- Almost half a decade!

Traditional: Fruit/Flowers

Modern: Appliances

Year 5- Next year, you will have to use two hands!



Year 10- Second major milestone, a decade of memories!

Traditional: Tin/Aluminium

Modern:  Diamond Jewelry

Year 15- Onto three hands.. 

Traditional: Crystal

Modern: Watches

Year 20- Two complete decades of memories together!

Traditional: China

Modern: Platinum

Year 25- A quarter of a century as a couple!

Traditional: Silver

Modern: Silver

Year 50- Half a century of memories and special times!

Traditional: Gold

Modern: Gold

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