Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs: The Etiquette Expert

Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs is our resident wedding etiquette expert. It’s nearly impossible to make it through planning without some feathers being ruffled….Have a question about a sticky planning situation? Write in or comment below. 

Miss. B-

We are planning a late Summer wedding. The ceremony and reception will all be held outdoors at my family’s lake cabin.  This has been a dream of mine for a long time. All has gone well with the planning, but I’m starting to get nervous. The weather this year has been so sketchy and we don’t have room to move everyone indoors. I am set on having the wedding at our cabin. Help!?  

– Forever a lake girl

Forever a lake girl,

Sounds like you need a plan B. Although it is hard to realize, you might have to move your wedding to another venue. There are basically two options for you. (A) Select an alternate back up venue (B) Figure out some sort of shelter at your lake cabin.

Have you called around to inquire about having an alternate venue? Maybe a near by church would allow you have the ceremony there. Many smaller towns have community centers or even event centers for rent. You could potentially put a soft hold on a nearby location. If you really are nervous, consider moving the event altogether. Having your wedding at a hotel or conference center ensures the perfect temperature.

Another option you have is to rent a tent or some other portable shelter. Surely a rental company will be able to accommodate something for you. Although this might cost a little more that originally planned for, it might just save your wedding. You and your guests would not enjoy the day if you were soaking wet.

Whatever you decide, make sure to let your guests know far enough in advance. Word of mouth, Facebook and your wedding website are all appropriate ways to communicate your weather backup plan.

Wishing for sunny days,

Miss. B.

Miss B,

My MOL to be is driving me crazy! She has purchased and returned 10 dresses already. I feel as though she is focusing too much on what she will be wearing. I have had enough. Everything she has shown me has been great, I don’t understand why she can’t decide. It’s getting to the point where I just don’t know what to do anymore. How can I help her select a dress and just be done with it already. 



Dear, not-a-stylist

Your frustration is totally understandable. Rest assured though, you are not alone. It is not uncommon for a “Mother of” to have a hard time finding a dress. It should never get to the point where it is causing stress on the bride though. It sounds like you are being supportive of her and helping in the best way you can. You need to continue to support her and just let someone else do the helping.

Planning can be stressful and sometimes people find a channel to focus on or “fuss over”, it sounds like your to be MOL is being this way over her dress. Most likely, it’s not the dress that is the center of this problem. Wedding’s are emotional and she likely just needs to work through it.

Continue to be there for her and once she does select “the one” make sure to support her decision and tell her how beautiful she looks. Your day will be here soon and all weddings carry little planning hiccups along the way.


All will be well soon,

Miss B.


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