All About Alterations

You have waited up to 6 months for your dream dress to arrive, it’s finally here!

Now what? 

One word: Alterations

Wedding attire is not “ready to wear” – meaning it requires a little tailoring to obtain that perfect fit. Rest assured though, your full service boutique will have a specialized seamstress awaiting your appointment request.

Most all brides require the same basic alterations: Bust tuck, Hem, Bustle, and Cups.

What is a Bust Tuck?

Every women is shaped differently, most often the top of your bridal gown won’t lay completely flat across your chest. Although this might be a little scary right away, it’s nothing a simply bust tuck won’t fix. A bust tuck is simply bringing the front of the dress into the back of the dress, a very basic alteration. Once she’s done it, your dress will lay perfectly flat AND you won’t even be able to tell it didn’t come that way from the designer.


Women come in all shapes and sizes. Wedding attire is cut for someone 5’9-5″10 in heels. If you are taller, you may have ordered extra length. Chances are though, you are shorter. Bring your heels and get ready for your hem. If you have embellishment on the bottom, such as lace scalloping – your dress may need to be hemmed from the waist.

Party on!

Are you having a dance? Of course you are! Simply put a bustle is just the gathering and pinning of your train to keep it off the floor. Bustles can be an artwork, as long as you are working with a pro seamstress. After all, your dance lasts longer than your ceremony. A nicely formed bustle will give your guests something to look at all night.

What about the girls? 

Nicely constructed wedding gowns have enough structure and support within, you simply need to provide your ladies with a little shaping or enhancement. Bring on the cups! These lovely little gems get stitched right into your gown. No pesky strapless bra sliding up or down during your day.

Now you know the basics of what to expect. What else? 

Timeline: Depending on your area, you will want to schedule you initial fitting for a time about 8-10 weeks before your wedding.  You will have a final fitting just weeks before your big day.

What to bring: Shoes and other undergarments. Your boutique will likely have an assortment of cups and shapewear on hand designed to go with bridal attire.

Cost: This depends so much on the experience of your seamstress and the area you live. Budget between $80 – $190 for your alterations. The fit of your perfect wedding gown is just as important as the style you selected.

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