Top Reasons We LOVE Mom

Happy Mother’s Day Week!

She is there to share in our happy times and there to comfort us in not-so-happy times. She taught us everything we know and we have looked to her for guidance since before we can remember. Although there are a million reasons why we LOVE mom, here our are favorites

No matter big or small, make sure to do something special this Sunday.

Even if you are down on your luck and feeling defeated, she makes you feel like you can run the world.

She is the first person you call or text after a date, an interview, or when anything significant happens.

She is always positive and supportive.

She always has your back- even if you are wrong. You can “borrow” her clothes, jewelry, and small household items.


Even if you never seem to get them back to her. You can confide anything in her with no judgement given- only support. She will be the last person left standing beside you when everyone else has walked away.


The reasons to love Mom are endless, these are just our top picks. Make sure to show some love and gratitude to your Mom this Mother’s Day.

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