Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs: The Etiquette Expert

Miss. B. Perfect-Affairs is our resident wedding etiquette expert. It’s nearly impossible to make it through planning without some feathers being ruffled….Have a question about a sticky planning situation? Write in or comment below. 

Miss. B-

My wedding is in 3 months! We are super excited for the day to come. My wedding gown fitting is coming up soon, I’m nervous. My dress fit perfectly when we ordered it. Planning has made life a little stressful to say the least. I have recently gained about 5-10 pounds. My clothes are a little snug, surely my dress will be too small. Besides starving myself, what should I do? I know exchanging the dress is not a possibility.


– A-little-more-to-love

A-little more to love,

First of all, don’t feel bad. This happens, more often then not actually. Many times, brides feel like they will lose weight on account of stress. Usually, it’s the opposite that happens. That is why we have seamstresses and seam allowance.

Express your concerns before your initial fitting, so your seamstress is in the know when you arrive. Also, at your appointment – stay calm. Bridal designers put about 2-4 inches of seam allowance in most every gown for this exact reason. Your talented seamstress will have your gown fitting perfectly in no time.

In just a short amount of time, you will be walking down the aisle looking and feeling gorgeous. Your wedding will be perfect and the stress will soon be gone.

Happy planning,

Miss. B.

Miss B,

I ordered the dress of my dreams online. It was hundreds less than it was at the store. It arrived the other day and it’s not at all the same thing. What happened? What do I do now? The beading looks cheap, there is no crinoline and the hemline is uneven. The website I ordered from is offering no help and I’m now afraid I won’t have a gown for my wedding day. Even worse, I have no budget to buy a new one. 

What would you suggest I do?  



Dear, Not-such-a-great-deal

You are not the first or last bride to purchase her dream dress at dream price-online.

Usually, when something is to good to be true- it is. Many factories over in China sell online. They use designer’s stock photos and do their best to re-create the style. Most times, this ends up in total failure.

The best thing to do is to cut your losses and start your search over again. In a case like yours, it’s most cost effective and you will have a better result if you just start your search over.

Many boutique shops have clearance racks or might offer a discount if you purchase a dress right off the rack. Maybe you can trim from your budget elsewhere?

If you go this way, you will end up with a much nicer design and service from a professional to ensure the best possible experience.

Have fun shopping,


Miss B.


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