Healthy You: Tighten and Tone at Home!

Healthy You: Tighten and Tone at Home!

strong bride 1




Everyone wants to look and DESERVES to feel their absolute best on their wedding day (and all the time, another point altogether)

No matter your current fitness level or expertise, these simple exercises can be done at home. No gym membership required, no expensive equipment to purchase. All you need is your own body weight.

** Please consult a physician and make sure your surfaces are sturdy before starting this or any other type of exercise, we are simply suggesting 🙂

Start slow.


Warm up a little by doing some jumping jacks or going for a 15 minute walk/jog.

Do 10-12 repetitions of each exercise. Rest 20-30 seconds. Then repeat 3 more times.


1. Bring Sexy Back: many of today’s styles showcase a portrait back. Get rid of the dreaded “back chunk” today with some simple rows! So simple to do! Grab a towel or a band and pretend like you are rowing a boat.

row2 row1





2. Sell tickets to the “Gun Show” – Biceps and Triceps (the upper arm) can be a troublesome area for many women.  Nearly every wedding gown will show your arms, make sure they are something to see! Do tricep dips with your own body weight and bicep curls with some filled milk jugs or other weighted item.

3.   Tighten and tone those chest muscles. Soft muscles around your armpits may be unflattering in a strapless neckline. Why worry though? There are so many easy toning exercises for them. From pull ups to push ups, these are some of the easiest to do at home.

4. Although you can’t see them in a wedding gown, don’t forget about your legs. After all, you want to make sure they are as strong as ever. From wearing your gown and all the accessories to dancing into the late night hours, your legs literally carry you through the day.

5. Flat and Firm: don’t forget about the abs! Since your working everything else, make sure and work on your abs too. Strong and firm abs will make you sit straighter and might even make your gown fit a little nicer.


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