Ditch the bows for some boots: A Country Girl Wedding

Your excited to start planning your wedding but bows, puff, and tulle really aren’t your thing. Your perfect wedding day should be a reflection of you, and you are a true country girl at heart. Ditch the white satin heels, put on your boots and let’s paint the picture of the perfect country girl wedding.








Before “I do” comes “Yes” – your fiance wanted the engagement to be special. What’s better than a surprise proposal out in the woods? How about spelling it out on the family’s livestock? He is quite the catch!

Image from Pinterest redneck1


Next comes the attire:  forget paisley,  Mossy Oak is your pattern of choice!

redneck4 redneck1 redneck2 redneck3

Why party at the bar when you can party right at home?  A true country girl loves the outdoors and just wants to have a good time.  As a couple, you think outside the box for your bachelor and bachelorette parities ! A pool party followed by a bbq and bonfire sound perfect!

redneck4 redneck3 redneck2 redneck1




















Now comes the big day! Picture this: Your closest family and friends seated on bails along an aisle right in the middle of the country, cocktails in hand. After a short ceremony, you are ready to party! The night kicks off with a local band and a pig roast.  A few hours later, it’s time to cut the cake. You and your guests enjoy the party into the early morning hours. 

redneck3 redneck2 redneck1

redneck5 redneck1 redneck2 redneck3 redneck4

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